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They have some excellent products and kicked ass on the last quarterly earnings. The dividend is not too shabby either. Have they turned it around?
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Hey Cooncreekcrawler,
I have had SMG as part of my portfolio for a bit over a year. There wasn't really a 'turn around' to complete in the classic sense. They were bid up as part of the overall marijuana craze that started way way back. Then they picked up Hawthorne as a hydroponics bid at the California (then Canada) pot market.

What happened was....nothing. They didn't make money right away from that and so the market was upset with them.

Now they are seeing results from this side of the business, so you are seeing the price start to go up. So this is a picks and shovels approach to pot industry.

As for the regular Scotts side of the business, it seems pretty stable and boring and predictable. Hence the dividend. So I liked that they were taking a long lived company, then adding a chance to expand into a new market as it developed.

Right now people are just waiting to see how Hawthorn unit does as the Canadian growers finally start putting out product.
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Thank you dlbuffy for the info. Very helpful.
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