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I didn't see where else on the boards I can post this so...

I'm pretty upset that the market has rebounded so quickly over the last few weeks. I'm not done buying my favorite stocks yet.

Does anyone here see any future buying opportunities? I doubt the credit problems are now solved with a 50 basis point cut.

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Hi WCC - there will always be 'future buying opportunities' in any market, depending on what your buy criteria are. As you rightly point out, the credit problem hasn't disappeared with just one wave of Uncle Ben's magic wand. Cutting interest rates is like popping Tylenol for acute appendicitis. It makes you feel better, but doesn't necessarily tackle the root cause - in this case, poor credit and investment decisions driven by cheap money.

Emerging market opportunities will tend to be very volatile as long as they're 'emerging'. So you should literally plan for future buying opportunities for most GG companies with attractive valuations.
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