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Hi All,

I was at a stop light, not moving when a 1999 small Honda hit me from behind. They were able to slow their car down so that their front bumper slide off the bottom corner of by rear bumper. From what I see on my 2003 Camry, the dirt was rubbed off the bottom of my bumper. No other damage I can see. Other drivers car looked OK, and I mentioned as such. The other driver commented that "we shall see". (what the heck, it was him who hit me, anyway, I digress). I was not hurt and he was not hurt. It was only a small bump. I have not had any accidents for 10+ years, never my fault, etc..

In New Hampshire (where this happened), the law only requires reporting an accident if over $1000 damage. No damage to report on my car, so no legal requirement to report.

We exchanged info - licenses, insurance cards, phone numbers, etc..

Do I really need to report this to my insurance company ? It was the other car at fault, so their INS CO will end up paying damage, if the other driver reports it.

I do not want to report some bump like this and maybe in 2 weeks have a real serious accident and then get my rates jacked up ! If I have bad luck and get into another accident so close to this one, the Ins Co can use the excuse that I was in 2 "accidents" in a few week time period. The real fact is that this recent event was not an accident from my perspective (not hurt, no car damage, a bump).

However, the other driver could have a different perspective. He maybe wants to report this to get any damage (if any) fixed on his car. I could call the other driver and tell him I am not interested in reporting this to my INS CO and if he agrees to do the same in the phone, but files are report anyway - so I look bad.

Any advice ?
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Well, I talked to a person from work and he tells me that his daughter had a small accident and the other party said they were not going to call the ins co, but they in fact did report it to the ins co. So his daughter got into trouble with the police.

In NH - if COMBINED damage is >$1K the law requires the accident to be reported. That is nuts - heavy scratch damage on a 2 cars can cost > $1K to repair. Also - my damage is zero - how do I know damage of the other car ? Stupid law.

Well, I got my answer.

Calling the INS CO tomorrow and going to spend hours filling out paperwork and getting quotes.

All I did was sit at the stop light.

Now I am getting mad that I have to do all this from the other drivers bad driving. It was his fault ! 100%.
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I experienced a similar incident a number of years ago. Were there any witnesses? Were the police called to complete a report?

In my instance, I slowed and signaled a left turn. The van behind me was tailing my car too close, late for a reception, he said. I released my brake and rolled forward, coming to a stop about 30 yards down the road. I got out of my, nothing special, old car, took a look at the little amount of damage and told the guy to forget it.

He wanted to call the police, and did. That concerned me, as I didn't want an unresolved accident on my record, by way of not being reimbursed by the party responsible - So, a friend who was and is a competent Civil Attorney filed a lawsuit on my behalf against him and I settled the property damage separately/directly with the other party's insurer, for $550 and ended up collecting a total of around $7,550, give or take $2... I really don't like idiots trying to make issues, when they are at fault, and I am willing to, and voiced a willingness to, just forget it.
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