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1. *I stated that Liberals hide behind the skirts of the teacher's unions on this issue. That is FACT. Yes, Repubs have their own
intrest groups, I wont deny it. The point is, I stated a fact.

You say "That is a FACT"--I say, that is your opinion. I'm a Christian
Lefter, I guess. Though you probably wonder about that after 'the name calling". But, I'm Left on social issues and I don't have any problem
with Vouchers. As long as the whole tab is paid as with public schools.
You know, I've been posting on another board for a long time and never even got angry once. But here, and I stopped by because I was "invited", the first thing I read is an article about the "Racist
Left". I guess name calling is ok if it's on another website, even though it's on your board. Then I see 6? recs and some one wants to do the wave.(YOU) But, that isn't name calling?

2. *I stated, that IF parents had vouchers to send their kids to a private schools, many of the inner city youth would benefit. Yes,
alot of blacks would benefit. I did NOT say anything derogatory. Im no urban expert at all, but it is FACT that kids would
benefit in a private OR better public school. FACT.

I agree. But once again, it's not a FACT, it's 'our' opinion. My children went to an excellent public school. K-12 I had two problems.(with 4 kids) One was a first grade teacher who pinched kids,
and though my daughter was a 'pet', she came home crying everyday, for
the others. I went to the principal and asked if she could hear ok--
he said, he'd find out----a week later she was transfered to a job without kids. So much for the unions protecting bad teachers. Two children graduated from college, one is now getting her masters. My son
learned under-water welding in the Marines and is a genius at it I
guess--Companies all over his city call and offer him more money to come
to them. Public school. And my own experience was fine as well. Inequality is the problem. Where I lived, milleages(?) passed every time.
How can poor neighborhoods pass a milleage(?) if they can't even pay the bills?
3. It is such a shame, that if an aspiring leader or elected official would quote the Horowitz numbers, he would be called a "racist", or an "extremist". The man is just quoting statistics.
You can find statistics to prove anything. But if these were true----
what about the other 60% of black youth? You can't pull over a car for
having a young, male, black is driving it! You have to have a reason!
My daughter dated a black boy once. He wouldn't drive anywhere! She drove. I wonder why?
4. I went back, and re-read my post(#34), to see if I wrote anything so evil, just to be honest to myself. I did not find a thing

5. There has to be a way to expose Liberalism here, to show what true racism is all about.
What is this, a welcome to those of another ideology? And just what is
"true racism" all about. Vouchers?

6. 1st, my post was twisted into a racist thing. I went on, and line by line, illustrated there was nothing racist in it. Even Forrest Gump could have figured that out.
I thought it was racist---I'm 'Forrest Gump'? But you must not have meant stupid---that would be name calling. The article you wanted to do the "wave" to was called what? "Exposing the Racist Left"? I'm left,
I belong to the NAACP because they won't be heard with out white-folks
behind them.

7. Please look at your anatomy book, "Father" does not refer to women, at least outside of California it does not.
Once, again, what is wrong with California? Too liberal? Hey, if I'm wrong tell me, I evidently have totally misjudged you. You must not have meant I need an anatomy book to know that father doesn't mean women.
Now, I admit as I re-read this that I may have been wrong here. I need
you to honestly tell me that welfare moms were not anywhere in your mind
when you wrote about people who go to work succeed and aren't Liberal anymore. If so , I'm honestly sorry.
8. Once again, the pattern is consistent: If Liberal, attack, and accuse. Do NOT discuss issues. (I do not think the writer represents Liberals by ANY means.)
Now I am baffled here--am I a Liberal(attack, and accuse), or not?
9. She brought up her condom, and her foam. Oh well, I guess "true love and romance" can also be discussed here.
My point here is that with the best of intentions, we get suprises in life. My doctor was angry, wanted to give me a free abortion in 1976
because he said we couldn't afford it and he didn't want to be responsible for a 'welfare baby'. He was a big shot in the Republican Party and a big shot in his Church(which didn't believe in abortion).
I don't know, are you just a kid? And I don't mean that in a bad way--
but life experiences change you. I was raised a Republican--Democrats
(including my father) were "Communists". I voted Republican until I
realized nothing would ever be done about abortion. Then I sent for a copy of an anti-abortion bill and found the mother was number two, baby first. Sorry, I don't want to dump an innocent child in this world and die on it. And rape and incest? Just 1 or 2%--What if the mom can't
handle having a child (half pervert) growing in her? Some women would
have the baby any way and hope for the best---so it would be less than
1 or 2%---What about them? What if they go nuts? My daughter was raped
in her own apartment by a guy she worked with for years---She went from
a thin typically self -centered college student to bi-polar. She was so sweet and caring. Now she's gained 100 lbs. and talks like a "bar room
hussy" as my mom would say. I love her to death, but she is a different person.
10. 33% of our babies are born to single moms. FACT Maybe. Sad.
11. *I wrote that bad things happen to good people. FACT So true--
but who decides who is a 'good person' and what's bad enough to give them some help? All welfare moms go to work, not just the 'loafers'
12. I wrote that our Liberal "activists" and pop culture, is glorifying this culture. FACT. (No mention of any race). Think of how many hit shows, promote the idea of a woman giving Lewinsky's in the hope of finding Mr Right??? Try HBO's "Sex and the City." Look at alot of our popular music today. go to your local mall, and count these young girls, with babies. Again...FACT.
I agree on TV shows, and told you how I got crazy protecting my kids from it. I won't watch any show like that and write to ask what happened to the rules they HAD to keep that stuff off the air until 10:00 PM? Do you write? Or boycott the products that are advertised?
I do.
13. I also wrote that Liberals loose a Constituent, each time someone gets off public assistance. FACT.
List who you know who got a 'welfare to work job' and feels happy and successful. Also anyone you helped to succeed. Our spare-room is usually occupied with someone trying to get on their feet. They can go to school or work or just raise their kids until they are in school full
time. It's not easy, but as long as we can do it, we will. Do you have an empty room?
14. *How many election cycles, have Liberals threatned people of loosing benefit. Think back. "Killing seniors" "Taking kids school lunches". Those were focus group tested phrases. They give someone a benefit, and every 4 years threaten to take it away. FACT.
This is too sensitive to go crazy about. I believe seniors die every day
from lack of medication. I want to help my mom-in-law but her prescription is almost $180/month--we can't do it!
And focus group test phrases work both ways.
It might interest you to know I NEVER voted for Clinton.
15. Again, im not talking about fine folks down on their luck. Im talking about folks who are there for years ans years, they exist. Clinton AND Moynihan, DEMOCRATS, admit this also. FACT.
I agree. But, I blame alot of that on the cutbacks over the years. One
social worker with 150 clients? How can they keep up with that? And sending paychecks? It began with bills being paid, gov't food, a clothing allowance for a certain place(not money), and a weekly visit
from someone to teach them how to make great meals with the surplus food, bake bread, child care lessons, any thing they needed to learn to make it. There was an incentive to get out. Grocery shop, buy clothes at the mall, etc. But funds were cut, no money for in house lessons.
It became a disaster.
I don't care what it costs, I say anyone capable should get a free education. At least a 2 year college degree. Or technical training.
No more Mc Donalds. The job to no where. I believe in a generation or two there would be a big change. Intelligent parents raise intelligent
kids (usually). Learning changes people.

I hope you can tell I spent hours on this. Please don't knock it off the board.
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