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Strangely, I have some time on my hands, and I found myself imagining the MF executive conversation that led to the curious decision to give us a brief taste of MDP as a consolation prize for the loss of GG. Of course, this is all speculative, please understand that I am making this up – but it could have gone this way, don’t you think? (I have changed the executive names to eliminate any suggestion that they might represent real-world people.)

Executive #1 (“Toom”): Say, Daave, I have bad news. We have to close Global Gains.

Executive #2 (“Daave”): Oh, no, Toom, that is terrible. I am really passionate about that service. Darn! What are we going to do with . . . with . . .

Toom: Nathan?

Daave: Yes, exactly – with Nathan. He seems like such a nice young man. Do we have a spot for him?

Toom: Yes indeed – he will be handling a real money portfolio – we can trust him with our money, because he is very good.

Daave: Excellent. So that is taken care of . . .

Toom: We will be sending assigning Nate to our London office.

Daave: I thought you just said he would be handling a real money portfolio.

Toom: No, that was NATHAN. Now I am talking about NATE.

Daave: You’re kidding, there are two of them? Both named Nathan?

Toom: Yes indeed.

Daave: Wow, what are the odds. Are they related?

Toom: No, they have different last names. Nate seems quite happy with his assignment.

Daave: I am relieved. As you know, I am pretty passionate about this service.

Toom: Yes, so I have heard, repeatedly.

Deve: What about the subscribers to Global Gains. They are going to be upset! What can we do for them?

Toom: We will have to give them something, I think.

Daave: How about a T-shirt with a cool Motley Fool picture on it.

Toom: I don’t think that would do it. Besides, we can sell those babies for $15 apiece – I would hate to waste them.

Daave: Or – I heard that one guy posted that he wanted a toaster. We could do that – I know a guy in Jersey . . .

Toom: No, Daave, I think he was kidding. He is that pompous guy that is always a huge pain in the butt. SquareWeirdo or something like that . . . .

Daave: Oh -- gosh, I thought we got rid of him a long time ago.

Toom: No, he is pretty thick; can’t seem to take a hint. In any event, the toaster idea is a non-starter.

Daave: Well, we can’t give them memberships in Hidden Gems, Inside Value, Income Investor or Rule Your Retirement, because we are going to cancel those services soon and would just have to go through this all over again.

Toom: How about Supernova, or Alpha?

Daave: Gosh no!! Those services are selling like hotcakes – I don’t want to give them away! No, we need something else . . . .

Toom: How about MDP? We can just start shoving everybody from the newsletter services into MDP! Look, some of them will forget to quit when the free trial is up – we can boost the MDP numbers without detracting from the cool portfolio services.

Daave: That is a great idea! MDP it is. Can you tell uh . . . uh . . .

Toom: Ron?

Daave: Yes! Can you tell Ron our plan?

Toom: OK, I will call him. But you know he won’t like this – he hates change.

Daave: Try to explain to him that this is “good” change.

Toom: Will do – can I tell him he will get a pay boost as well, to reflect the additional members?

Daave: For crying out loud, what has gotten into you? Pull it together, man!

The End

Of course, the above is pure speculation on my part. But, it could have happened that way . . . .

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