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I believe succesful investing is all in the frame of mind. I believe the profits start in the is a extension of one's basic philosophy in life.

Just by reading various people's posts.....I can many times decipher with a probably high degree of likelihood of success their basic philosophy in life.

Not getting the investment results that you desire?? Then change your philosophy....

I consider myself a amateur philosopher.....I read in many different areas.....many different books. I started off with Napoleon Hill and moved to Ayn Rand and ditched a lot of Ayn Rand long ago because Ayn Rand focuses too much on absolutes and I always tell people that if you drink too much Absolut then you will become drunk on yourself.

My philosophy is more in line with a guy that is a self-proclaimed atheist, even though I am not completely sure that he ended up his life a atheist because that was always something he preached....leave room for doubt.

My self-proclaimed athiest was one of the great masters at misdirection...I am only a amateur at it...just trying to get better. He once told this joke that I thought was not particularly funny. It took me a few years to think this joke out and figure out many of the mis-directions in the joke and found the philosophy in the joke profound....maybe I am reaching some degree of enlightenment...LOL

Speaking of enlightenment...long ago before I joined TMF, I had this email pal in Germany called Tirza. She was very much a left wing liberal. We used to debate all sorts of things like the Iraq war to George Bush to God ( I used to use her arguments to debate my right wing Republican friends...LOL).

Tirza was a Wicca that had what many would consider strange beliefs in God. We used to email back and forth so much that the email was almost like instant messages. We definetely debated God and we definetely debated what it meant to be enlightened.

I think I saved a few of those emails...I should base a book on them because maybe one day someone would see it as their path to enlightenment.

I once had a writer for some nationally distributed magazine tell me that I should go to writing school because she read my poems and thought they were deep. I once considered going to school to be a writer but decided not to because much of what I write is unstructured and schools like to teach RULES to obey....

Most schools do not teach how to think for one's self. Most schools teach how to follow the leader like Nazi Germany.....which my German friend Tirza hated with a deep passion since she was far on the left and Nazi Germany always thinks they are RIGHT....I should post my poetry on here one day. I can think on 4 or 5 different levels at once but most people can only see two levels...Right and Wrong.

Any way...back to the joke the Athiest told. Here it is...Read it....some might get it immediately....some might get it in a few weeks....other might take years like I did but rememeber enlightment is not in the "knowing" is in the path to that knowledge.

The Athiest joke (I am paraphrasing) went like this:

"I used to be a Athiest but I had to quit because I had nothing to say during good sex...I mean what was I going to say..'Random Chance, Random Chance'??"

Rob S
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