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It is really hard to imagine the mind-set that would motivate someone to write such a negative, nasty, malicious, mendacious screed.
You are beneath contempt.

Really? Who's the jackwagon that wrote these, again?

Get the teabaggers off your face and see the reality of things.

That is a lie.

You know it is a lie.

Or if you don't....what does that say about you?
(This one was particularly funny, because it's now clear that the Administration had video evidence that it wasn't a 'spontaneous uprising', so, yes, they did lie. Your accusation that I lied is, of course, what desperate people do when the facts are against them.)

But, then, maybe the anti-Christ is running the GOP.
Petty, juvenile, anyone?

Here's another way to look at it: the angry old white guys happen to be the people who missed out, resisted, hated, or felt left out of the cultural revolution of the 60s and 70s.
Ever since they've been mad and blamers. They resented that Nixon got caught. They hated that the Democrats elected the most serious and committed Christian ever elected to the Presidency, instead of the fake Christians they always went for. The felt Vietnam could have been won, but were happy to avoid service. And they saw the future become bright when Reagan got elected, though if they ever thought they had to thank Ted Kennedy for making Carter vulnerable to an upset, or that Carter was hugely hurt by Nixons's Fed Chairman, their heads might just explode.

Now they are doubly angry because the Reagan revolution did succeed in transferring wealth up the income and assets ladder, but failed in just about everything else. They try to take credit for the death of the Soviet Union, which did itself in, thanks in part to a bi-partisan effort by Truman, Ike, JFK, LBG, RMN and Carter, but, really, reagan was lucky -- everyone else thought it would take longer for the USSR to implode. They latched on to the politics of hate, confrontation, demonization, and no cooperation started and perfected by a diseased mind of a hypocritical self-righteous pseudo conservative power grabber from Georgia, then failed to get rid of Clinton. And now they can't stand that there has been no significant roll-back of the New Deal or the Great Society, not to mention the envioronmental and consumer gains of the Nixon, yes, Nixon, years. And in addition, the only time anything went in the right direction -- balanced budgets, surpluses, etc -- was under a man they hated almost as much as they hated his wife. And then they had someone who they allowed to pursue their unrealistic military fantasies without holding him to any budgetary or regulatory discipline, which nearly destroyed the nation, and which led to the election of an African-American president!

They've fallen back to their last hope -- their wealth, the support of not-so-wealthy and downright poor angry white guys and the women they still think they can order about, their guns, and their unquenched feelings of envy and resentment, especially at the fact that Christianity has to be allowed to co-exist with small minority religions -- but even then they didn't get it right: they nominated a Mormon!

Its a resentment and anger and envy and jealousy and hypocrisy and selfishness (did I miss any of the 7 Deadlies?) that has been building for many decades. They are children of the Greatest Generation, and they hate the fact that that generation was their parents, and achieved much of what it did under Democratic leadership.

Ooh! This is fun!

Wow. What a compilation of ignorance, all in one post.

I think your village misses you. Run along now, and take your fake outrage with you.
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