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It is totally weird to me that I would be taking this much per day and still only be at 30.

FYI - being in the mid-west, you could lay outside all day buck naked from November to March and not absorb any Vitamin D from the sun. It's too low of an angle to trigger D production in the skin.

Add to that - during the months when D production is possible, you have an indoor job. If you get sun exposure early a.m. or late p.m., same problem - the angle is too low. Do you use sunblock when you do get out in the mid-day hours? That blocks D too.

Even if you have nice, big windows that let in lots of sunshine in the office, it only lets in UVA rays. Glass blocks UVB. UVA-only rays guessed it....Vitamin D.

While you have been doing an absolutely fab job of getting your weight down, being overweight inhibits synthesis of D.

I bet you shower, yes? :-) Recent studies have found that showering/bathing after sun exposure reduces D metabolism. Your skin hasn't had a chance to fully synthesize the D after the exposure, so you are "washing away" some of the D, so to speak. There was an interesting comparison between windsurfers in Hawaii and lifeguards who didn't go in the water (for the most part). The surfers had lower levels than one would expect for their amount of exposure. The lifeguards had the highest (upwards to 100 ng/ml).

As one ages, D metabolism is reduced too. Now, I know you're not 70, but 70-year olds only make 25% of the D that a 20-year-old does.

You aren't dark-skinned, but the more one is, the more time is needed in good, direct sun to trigger sufficient D. A light-skinned person might need about 15, tanned/brown 30-60 and dark-skinned 1-2 hours.

We were biologically designed to be outside, not stuck in modern-day caves, aka offices.

The average sun exposure yeilds 10-20k of D. After that, the body stops producing more. So you are not dosing something that is out of biological range. As the understanding of D has grown, so has our knowledge of what is toxic. Or not. The old range of 400IU as a daily requirement is woefully inadequate. Do you know how they came up with that? It was the amount of D in a tabkespoon of cod liver oil, which was what was originally used to cure children from rickets back when D was discovered. Urban children working indoors in sweatshop factories were coming down with it, while their outdoors rural counterparts weren't, even if poor and not well-nourished. Now the body won't overdose on D from the sun, but you can push your levels over the body's natural shut-off with the oral dosing. The the need for periodic testing.

Are you still taking the D3 at 10k/day? Don't be bummed by it. It might just be that is what you need to take for your geographical, biological and health situation. The good thing is that you are monitoring it with your doctor.

You don't take antacids do you? They shouldn't be taken at the same time/near dosing with D. They inhibit absorption.

There are some other health conditions that inhibit absorption too. Malabsorption issues from gluten intolerance or Candida issues come to mind. There are others, as well as some medications.

If for any reason you can't get a D bloodtest via your physician, or your insurance limits you to only 1/year, I have had good success with blood tests via The results have always been comparable to my insurance- covered results. There are some years, with deductibles and whatnot, it wad cheaper to use them and pay out-of-pocket at jnsurance-inflated prices. If you Gokgle, there's usually a 10% off coupon floating around too. Tconi has used them as well.


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