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It's been a long year since I posted here... And not just because it's 2020

Braidgirl is doing well at college. Covid put a kibosh on her travel plans (she was supposed to do a summer study abroad trip and a fall semester abroad) but she's adjusted well. She signed up for fall on campus classes as a back-up way back in March so she's not scrambling to find stuff. She's living off campus and Boston is doing OK so I'm concerned but not too worried about her. She's studying for the LSAT and wants to get into a T14 Law School.

Wafflegirl is going to be a senior in high school. I'm not sure about sending her back in person. The school has a good plan, they're going to be at half capacity with their hybrid model, they're increasing fresh air intake, masks are required all day (except for some short breaks they'll provide) but I'm still going to check with her GI doc.

Last fall Wafflegirl had some routine blood work done with her pediatrician. It came back as severely anemic. We saw a specialist and started treatment for that. (iron infusions and supplements) The hematologist referred us to a GI doc who diagnosed her with Crohn's. The treatment for that (Remicade) has been a godsend. She's back to her old self and has regained the weight she lost. Later this month the GI doc will see how the Remicade has helped internally. And I am incredible grateful we have really, REALLY good insurance.

DH and I are still married. We had a staycation for our 25th anniversary earlier this summer.

My dog passed away about a week and a half ago. :( But he was old and it was his time. We had him for almost 4 years and he was already a senior when we adopted him.
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I agree, it's been a rough year.

But...congrats on the girls doing well, Happy Anniversary!!! and (((hugs))) for the pup.

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So sorry to hear about wafflegirl. My late MIL (whom I never met because she had passed before I met DH) suffered with Crohn's. It doesn't sound pleasant. I think there are better meds these days, and I hope wafflegirl fares well with them.

Congrats on weathering 2020 and celebrating an anniversary.

And hugs on losing the pup.

Braidgirl can't be in college. I didn't believe it when you told me.

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Braidgirl can't be in college.

And we take wafflegirl to colloge for freshman year tomorrow. :O
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Where has the time gone? The little baby boy we held in our arms seemingly yesterday, now towers over me at about 6'4" and is entering college junior year.
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