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It's not about whether you're going to die or not. That's fear. It's about how well you live.

In the context of this study, it's exactly about whether you're going to die or not. That's what mortality statistics tell you....and precisely the reason that folk such as Willett etc. are criticising it so roundly.

See, it's not folk like me who're responsible for the seemingly higher death rate among the lean folk (5'6" and about 130 lbs) or my daughter (6'1/2" and just over 140lbs) but rather people like my inlaws. Both of them were fairly comfortably padded for most of the time that I knew them but within a few weeks of their death (my F-I-L from oesophageal cancer and the M-I-L from a brain stem glioma)they'd shrunk to a BMI that was likely even lower on the scale than the 18 or so that's quoted in the study.

Conversely, at the other end of the spectrum, it's not the marty's of this world who make up the "healthier" fat group but rather the folk referred to in his link (I think #11) who're being insulated from the health related consequences of their obesity by virtue of aggressive medical intervention. These individuals don't show up on mortality stats regardless of what medication they're taking, whether they've had a heart attack or stroke or suffering the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes or if they're hoping to get on a wait list for a liver transplant 'cuz of cirrhosis secondary to obesity related fatty liver disease.

I'm not tremendously sure what impact Michael Moore's quotes could possibly have on a topic such as this. Well, yeah.....I guess if it comports with what you believe it'll fly but really... How *well* do most folk live at Michael Moore's size? How well does he live come to that.

While he might be perfectly happy with himself (and he deserves to be) whenever I've listened to him in interviews, he huffs and puffs like someone who has a hard time catching his breath. That wouldn't be a measure of *living well* for me.

How heavy do you reckon he is. A serious question, BTW since I'm eyeballing him and thinking to myself that it's a good job he didn't pitch up at my practice with toothache, when no-one else around had an available appointment..... because I wouldn't have been able to treat him. The dental chairs that I purchased at set-up had a weight limit of 300lbs. This didn't look to me like it'd be any sort of limiter back then. Yes, I know....that makes moi the idiot but I couldn't *upgrade* to something more robust since, although I'm manifestly not a short-azz runty sort of a woman, as dentists go I'm on the lower end of the height scale. I had to choose something to work with. Of course, there are plenty of dentists out there so no biggie.......but more and more of them are women who can't physically handle bigger sizes ( GRRRLZ talk about just this sort of stuff)

What about the practicalities of, say, fitting into an MRI scanner. Or the difficulties of wound healing after emergency surgery. Another practical example.....daughter was home for Christmas week together with her b-f (shoot me!!1!) A very nice boy, BTW......for anyone's daughter but mine. Right now, he weighs too well. Just under a month ago, he needed an emergency cholecystectomy. Laparoscopic, no less. His primary incision still hadn't healed properly by the time they left.

Maybe I need to take a breath now...
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