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It's racist and sexist no matter who does it, but that doesn't prevent it from happening. From the Elks to the KKK we can find instances of discrimination. Why does every white male become so incensed when handed a dose of the same medicine?

I become incensed for two reasons:

1. I have never descriminated against anyone because of race, religion, sex, etc.; I have only judged them on their character and abilities.

2. I dispise hypocracy. And it is the ultimate hypocracy to say "I have been discriminated against and that was wrong. You need to give me all of this payback. I, however, should be free to discriminate against you." Once discrimination against any group is allowed, or even encouraged (as is the case with "affirmative action") it sets up a divisive vicious circle. Example: Blacks get into medical school due to quotas, but are not as qualified. Since it is not known who was selected because of race, all of the blacks are tainted. This creates resentment among the whites who did not get in, and creates concerns about the competency of black doctors. This leads to a division between the races, which as time goes on, results in open hostility.

I don't agree. I'm sure TR was a fine politician and rhetorician as well, but he was wrong about this IMHO. I think the underpinnings of this nation are precisely that we can be "blank-Americans" because we identify ourselves primarily as Americans, with any other appellation attached as an adjective.

This is turning the "melting pot" into a "brunswick stew". A person can be either an American, or a <fill-in-the-blank>. But to claim to be both just drives a wedge between themselves and others. This wedge results in problems for both sides, as described above.

I hardly need remind you that discrimination did not begin with celebratory gatherings in the 20th century. No small number of the folks who founded this nation were slaveholders. We've got a lot of history to overcome before we can start pointing fingers.

Name me any living person who was either a slave or a slave holder in the United States. If you can't, then there is no one to point fingers at, and the history should have been overcome. True there are still racists out there - Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, multiple members of the Black Congressional Caucus, and the head of the Black Muslim movement (whose name escapes me at this point). And they get a lot more airplay than all the white racists put together.

The white male heterosexual Christians in this country have discriminated against the blacks, the Irish, the Poles, the Chinese, native Americans, women of all races, and various other groups throughout our checkered history.

You left out the Jews. We have been discriminated against since we were slaves in Egypt. The Christians of 500 years ago forcably converted us or killed us. Most country clubs would not admit Jews for most of the 20th century. Many teaching hospitals would not give interships to Jews in the first half of the 20th century, which is why Albert Einstein Medical center even exists. The Catholic Church had anti-semitism as a doctrin until 1959. I am Jewish. I have been the victim of discrimination as a result. I have friends who believe that I have been subjected to legal harrassment due to my religious beliefs. (I think it was just stupidity, personally.) However, I don't believe I am owed any special treatment or repariations by those who did not mistreat me, even if they have the same religion, skin color, sex, or sexual orientation as those who did. Nor am I owed anything from the descendents of those who discriminated against me or my ancestors. As for those who did, they are the only ones who owe me anything, but it is not worth the drain on my life to pursue them.

Now we lampoon and marginalize the Hispanics, Asians, Russians, gays, Muslims, or anyone who does not think Dale Earnhardt was a demi-god. Oh well, whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

"We"?? I don't lampoon or marginalize anyone simply because they are a member of a particular race. I will lampoon or marginalize someone because of the actions they take or the causes they support, though. For example, I wouldn't hire a member of the KKK.

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