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I'd like to toss TMFJamesEarly's hat into the ring for the 2004 Feste Award mainly because he's not around to do it himself. All we know of James is TMFSchool's cryptic post on ItF.

You ask: "Who is James Early?" To which I reply:
Can we ever really know anyone? Is the facade we present to the world just that -- a cardboard-thin mask hiding the true soul within? Are human beings capable of truly opening our minds and hearts wholly to each other, or are we destined to hide what we hold most sacred, fearful of scorn or abandonment from the outside world? Can we answer truthfully, honestly and without abandon the question: "Who are you?"

Or, more to the point, James is a full-time Motley Fool employee who sits over yonder. He doesn't yet have a bio posted on the site which has more to do with overworked production designers than his own hesitation about revealing the "real James Early."

James Early represents the new TMF, an edgier, more clandestine group designed to operate in today's highly combatic world. Seldom heard from, and never seen, James Early operates in the shadows of the ether world, bringing you his well publicized, oft quoted, and only post at TMF:

" Thanks, Mark. I'm glad you liked it.

-James "

Unlike others who provde post after tedious post to prove their worth, James Early is succint to the point of brevity. James Early sums up what we, the TMF customer, are looking for here at TMF, quiet, mysterious confidence well hidden behind a humble demeanor.

Vote EARLY and vote often!!!!!!!

Respectfully submitted,

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