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Perot brought me into politics as a teenager in 1991. The economy and my parents were financially hurting at the time, and economics was on my mind. Bush Senior was out of touch, Dems didn't excite me much though I liked what Gov Clinton was saying. Perot's "get it done" mindset attracted me and as an asiring businessman myself, I liked his background.

His biography combined with independence from two corrupt parties got me into politics, and it is my favorite topic/spectator sport to date.

I was genuinely happy when Clinton won, but his lackluster 1993 got me listening to Gingrich who co-opted some of Perot's issues. I went from left-leaning, to Right-leaning and the polarization which would follow pushed me to the solid Right.

W Bush I voted for twice and to this day, admire for a variety of things. But between spending, and interventionist foreign policy and NeoCons, the definition of Conservatism became comfused.

Lacking a true Conservative leader, and the centrist Dems neutered for the moment, I spent some time pondering Reagan and Clinton and discovered I respect both men very much. Reagan maybe my soulmate....but he like Clinton understood that COMPROMISE and CONSENSUS makes for decent public policy.

I found CONTRADITIONS within my Conservatism:

I want "liberty" and gov't to "leave us alone"....but I wanted to legislate against gay marriage?

I want gov't out of my kitchen and restaurant, but I want drug agents to bust people over pot?

I was pro-life, but I'd scream at gov't programs that would feed, cloth, or educate the babies once born??

I was Mr "Support the troops", but I didn't want my countrymen and media to truly grill my President's team in the lead-up to Iraq war, to insure it was a needed war, not a chosen war?

I love America's "heartland", yet with Free Trade as religion, will force Bubba and Buffy to compete against slave labor in China?

I believe in a strong defense, free enterprise, and that my Creator and America gave me the right to life, liberty, and unlimited pursuit of happiness. Low taxes, limited gov't. BUT I also feel that if a poor child needs a meal or a doctor, America should provide it for him.

Hence, Center-Right.

As a businessman I salute risk, reward, and wealth creation. But I yearn for an America where the billionarre and the worker realize that they need EACH OTHER, and that their relationship should be mutually supportive, not combative.

The next 2 decades decide if America remains a Power, or becomes 2nd rate. Nations we know as "3rd world" are rising to challenge us. Our diversity is exploding as usual....but runs risk of being a liability, vs the asset it has always been. Entrenched corrupt interests PREVENT us from moderizing anything from education to defense.

I've got a doctrinare Right that'll tell a worker "Here's a $1000 tax credit, go take on the chinese on your own". A hard Left telling that worker that those that can create him a job are his enemy.

My belief is a center-Right resurgence that offers solutions based politics for America. This board will be my little foray into vanity meaning I'll talk, whether or not anyone listens. If people join up, great. If not, fine. I'll not promote the board all over TMF.

While anyone is welcome, I will try not to prop up Ann Coulter acolytes, and will try to ignore Hard Leftists.

I'll post about topics that interest me. Politics is wonderful..........but any conversation about good food, saving money, pretty girls or life in general is welcome too. (ALSO, STORIES ABOUT NORMAL AMERICANS DOING GREAT THINGS!!!)

Cyberspace allows people from different walks of life to learn from each other. No quota for posts...sometimes I'll post frequently, other times sporadically.

It's unavoidable at times, but I'd like to refrain from always commenting on the latest snafu by Letterman, Limbaugh, or whatever the media tells us.

FINALLY: I'll try to prove how MOST opinions I express here are Center-Right, not hard right.

As the son of immigrants, as a person who has experienced lifestyles ranging from Motel 6 to the Ritz, from garage sales to Nordstrom's, I think I bring a unique perspective.

May the Force be with America.

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