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Jeff for POTUS!

I seem to confuse some as to whether I'm a liberal or a conservative. I would probably classify myself as more interested in what is fair (seems to be increasingly rare today).

It's called being an American. I also confuse some here whether I am pro or anti "big government"

My belief on taxes is that enough taxes should be collected to pay for the level of services that we demand from our country.

Blindingly obvious, but the mob has been brainwashed for the last 30 years that they can get services without paying tax by either taking it away from their neighbor, or from the trickle down economics tooth fairy.

Every civilized government on earth has a national health program.


...that our preferences for assistance change towards those who most need it today

Agreed, with the proviso that there needs to be some means of redress as bigotry is alive and well in the US, but the targets have changed. Now, the hate is targeted on Hispanics and Muslims.

Free higher education for those who score well academically is important.

Maybe not free, but affordable. And "affordable" does not mean a student loan in five figures that will hold a person back for the next 20 years. In the 70s, I could easily make enough from a part time job to cover tuition, books and fees at a state university. Today, I faint at the costs.

The government should, as part of it's communications franchise agreements provide high speed inexpensive internet on a national basis. While provided through utilities in Europe, connection is universal, much higher speed and far cheaper than in the US. While each of our phone bills has a "Universal Service" charge on it, no one seems to have thought about using it for this purpose.

Actually, AT&T has proposed exactly that remissioning of the universal service fee, of course T's proposal also has the government subsidizing the buildout of the network that T would profit from.

They contribute without cap to Medicare and then pay close to four times what everyone else does to participate.

Wouldn't it be a lot simpler to just eliminate these sham "trust funds" and just fund everything from general revenue? If you are retired, disabled, or unemployed, you get a benefit from Social Security. If you need medical care, you receive assistance from Medicare. But all the money comes from general revenue.

A flat tax on the (current) middle class, a 5% surcharge on the "high net worth" tranche and an additional 5% on the "ultra-high net worth" tranche.

A graduated tax actually does violate the principle of equal protection under the law. I'd like to see someone run the numbers on a flat tax, with a large exclusion at the bottom, that everyone would receive, regardless of income or status. Say a marginal rate of a flat 30%, with the first $20,000 excluded. All income taxed the same, regardless of source, and no deductions, as you propose. So a waitress making $20K/yr pays no tax. A union factory worker making $40K/yr only pays on his income above $20K, so his effective tax rate is 15% of total income. A while collar worker making $60K, again, only pays on income about $20K, so his effective tax rate is 20% of total income. A financial speculator who pulls in $40M/yr in capital gains pays tax on $39,980,000, for an effective tax rate of 29.985%.

Jeff for POTUS!

OK...that's two votes for equality before the law, vs the other 300M that have been brainwashed by Fox News.

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