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"This is a frontal assault on my state," said Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas. "This is an ideological jihad against the status quo... where many jobs in our country depend on the oil and gas sector."
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Dear Senator Cornninny. Please so not use words like jihad as this is a direct insult to the great state that you pretend to represent. The correct historical term is a range war.

No you may have noticed a couple of things in your hunt for middle easterners using the wrong bathroom. Do you think that Sam Houston took note of the signs on the doors while he was running away from Santa Anna? Trick question, the whole of Texas was a bathroom at the time. Anyhow, first off, I have to say that the old jobs, jobs, jobs mantra is wearing a little thin, especially to those who are trying to hire but can't find any suitable candidates. Yeh I know some people are better off on unemployment, but I am sure that Goober Abbott will address this just as soon as he realizes that pandering plan for a border wall bites his rear end. It miff off Rio Grande valley republicans who don't want any wall or compulsory land purchase, in addition it miffs most Texas farmers who rely illegal labor.

You may also have noticed that gas prices are reaching a short term high, yet the producers are not investing in the industry. Obviously they are scared for the future of the industry and are aligning themselves with the OPEC jihadists to get what they can while the going is good. BTW they want to thank you and goober Abbott you for your support of their windfall during Storm-a-geddon. Even T Boone Pickins is thinking of naming a campus facility after you both at the OK State school of Invertebrate Biology.

Yes Mr Cornninny the energy companies are hedging their bets and are looking for green opportunities. Are you really the man that we believe you to be? Someone who puts his own interests and the interests of big energy donors above all others. If so it is time to change, to keep in lock step with that cash flow. Get mean and go green
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