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Got this article off another site.
Someone has joined a lot of dots, CAG and Powertel and general communications followers might be interested.

The IT Capital of Australia..Australias fledgling silicon valley in the

Where is it?????????............Who is there???..To date AAPT,Austar,IBM,Compaq and
now it seems Boeings tech division have set up shop in the area...........another player is
powertel and it has forged an alliance with Boeing its appears.....
it all appears to hinges on a high speed fibre optic cable links eastern
Australia directly to Seattle in the U.S.A........
Apparently the majors must have had the inside word on this one and moved in
early.....around such companies we eventually see a influx of minor IT companies...they set
up in the same region and hope to feed off the majors.....even forge alliance etc along the
way....its in the majors best interest to foster good relationships with the minor IT
companies as they often farm out development programms to such small players....
Where is it.....THE GOLD COAST...Sufers Paradise area Queensland.....thats where.....
The cable link up is called the Pacific innovation corridor linking the gold coast to brisbane
and then on to the USA.

Its interesting to see this when one remembers the latest Cape Range Wireless

Most have hear the rumours of a possible deal between cag and Powertel......we know of
cags' indirect associations
with Mororola and Compaq (ex directors of those companies on the board of
Arcadian)......we have heard of the possible Cisco connection...but do know that the ex CEO
of Cisco is an advisor to Arcadian USA (20% owned by Cag)......furthur more we have just
be told of the expansion into Asia and general pacif rim region...........China appears to be
the primary target........

Powertel has rolled out a massive fibre optic network and will lease this out to carriers....but
for how long....till those carriers can afford to build their own ????...then what will Powertel
do?????.........its clear Powertel must expand into other telco survive over the
coming years Powertel must board the Telco needs a niche market for maximum
long term affect at competitive rates.....rates no one can compete with......... me this means expansion at high speed but at lower than normal cost............

This deal with Boeing completes the link to the International to become an
online telco at home...
.......expansion into regional Australia at present means accessing existing cable
infrastructure.....thats expensive...interconnect costs are expensive.....these interconnects
need to be minimized...... expand at low cost Cape Ranges IPMA system could be the answer.....they call it
last mile technology....but its more like last 50 mile.....then they set up another repeator...its
fast ,reliable ,proven under extreme weather conditions and appears

At present it appears to be the rest against the likes of Optus and alliances
are probable....sharing infrastructure to expedite national expansion appears to be cost
effective and the majors worst nightmare....united they can compete ...divided they share a
very small portion of an expanding market......the objective is to breaks the majors
monopoly now whilst they have a chance.....

In Australia the intenet subscriber connections are increasing at an unprecidented rate
.......the majors know this and they have tried to lock up the subscribe base but have failed
to regulatory controls .......minors on the other hands are free to expand and I see this new
Powertel network as being the hub of the nation expansion......

........Powertel takes on say the Cape Range Paradox Network along with a few others along
the way....inter connects them all regionally with the IPMA technology terminating near or
at a Powertel fibre optic line....where an interconnect to a Powertel fibre optic line is not
available then it could interconnect with a allied carrier...they would of course charge low
interconnect rates in the end of the line is the eventual interconnect to a local
major......this could occur at a point that incurs a minimum charge....
........note......Paradox stations are inter-linked by fibre and microwave across Australia
in turn to the USA by satellite and leased fibre optic lines

.......the Ipma technology would afford all telco services and could prove superior to its
larger competitors.....competitive rates could see a migration from the majors and once
number portability is fully available then there would be little reason not to change over to a
more reliable service with lower rates....

Cape Ranges and Arcadians expansion globally would be made possible through access to
the Brisbane to Seattle link....from the USA all calls origination from a Cag /Arcadian
service would be forwarded Australia a call from Arcadians Asian services
would be routed to Brisbane for re routing internationally or nationally....once again in
Australia we would see Arcadian/Cag interconnects routed onto the Powertel network ....all
this at much lower costs than previously available......high speed data streams for fax and
internet would be the thing of the day not the future......voice calls would be clearer and less
expensive with regional local calls distances expected to increase.....some areas have no
local call rates at all....its all std....

So Cag /Arcadian....connect in at say China.....interconnect via IPMA repeators down to
Malaysia ....add in a link to Australia with the addition of more repeators from Malaysia to
eastern Australia....connect to Powertel.....then go internatinal via the Boeing Brisbane to
Seattle home hook into Powertel and be routed by IPMA at the appropiate jump remember cag itself hold all rights for IPMA for Australia ,New Zealand and
...note Cag has said....... The company is uniquely positioned to utilise its access to IPMA,
only to build a major Australian telephony company, but also to participate worldwide in
the exponential growth resulting from growing applications of the Internet.

also.......By acquiring a carrier licence or merging with an existing carrier,
the Paradox ISP customers will in turn be able to approach their
individual Australian customers, currently estimated at around
200,000 people, and offer to install a chip based wireless that will
connect directly with the ISP.

The customer will be able to utilise their existing telephone and
telephone number for direct data and voice to the Internet without
the need to incur expensive long distance telephone rates.
This was said by cag on 25/2/99...since then considerable advances have been made in all
areas.....the customer base ...the initial customer data base is substantial and something
any emerging telco would dearly like to have access to.........

A possibe tie up with reported by Cag the new director as at 25/3/99
"Following 10 years with IBM, Mr Kirkpatrick held a number of senior
positions in the investment banking industry including four years
with Pyramid Ventures, a later-stage venture capital firm owned by
Bankers Trust."
An analyst view
" One telecommunications stock analyst said Cape Range was
"another Qualcomm in the making," adding that Qualcomm
in its infancy took many years to have the protocols it developed
accepted................9/4/99.......a man with vision........ present in Japan mobile phones are being marketed IPMA ready...the phones have
3 protocals....just choose the protocol you require and connect with the appropiate
carrier....the Japanese already recogonize IPMA as being the next generation mobile one has to wonder why Australia investors are so slow to be
convinced......its apparently the way of the future at a bargain basement price........for now
its cheap.......I don't expect this to last once the manipulative games end.........

The international majors are ahead of the pack..........3/6/99

it has fast become a fixation for many big communications companies.

"It's called "fixed wireless," and it has fast become a fixation for many
communications companies.

In recent weeks companies including MCI WorldCom Inc., Sprint Corp.
and the Liberty Media unit of AT&T Corp. have spent billions of dollars to
establish beachheads in this "broadband" technology. The service is
attracting attention because it allows companies angling to sell
video, Internet connections and phone services to reach potential
customers directly -- rather than having to pay tolls to go through the
regional Bells, or to build their own expensive wired networks.

Remember this...International communication satellite launched...24/9/99

"the Echostar V satellite is launched with an Atlas rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida,
Hawaii...Satv....30% Cag
"Honolulu-based SATV serves a potential market of 100,000 dwelling
units and is expected to earn in excess of $1 million in its first
year of operation.

It will offer customers a package of entertainment, Internet data and
telephone services on a single network including remote security
monitoring via the Internet."
"In another development, SATV has also assumed the state wide
contracts from the US Government for the Social Security
Administration, Veterans' Administration and the US Courts system
satellite systems maintenance and installation."
The big clue..........16/9/99
"Cape Range, on behalf of Dunfold Ltd, has accepted responsibility for
the international commercialisation of IPMA technology. Discussions
are currently underway with five major corporations, with
telecommunication activities covering all of the currently perceived
applications for IPMA."
And last but not least.......Feb 2000
"Arcadian has established a joint venture with Cape Range Wireless for
exclusive marketing of product in Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.
A non-exclusive joint venture has also been established between the
two companies to pursue major markets in other regions.

"Expressions of interest have been received by Cape Range Wireless
from a number of companies including one regional Australian
telecommunications carrier to utilise Arcadian's IPMA products either
by joint venture or purchase agreements."

"Cape Range Wireless Limited today, through CIBC World Markets, raised
$6 million in a placement of 12 million ordinary shares at 0.50 cents
each. " 11/2/2000
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