No. of Recommendations: 9
"When this all ends, what will be the lasting damage?

Millions of acres that were available for outdoor recreation will now be held by private companies for fossil fuel development. Many distinguished career public servants will be gone and many mid-level employees will be reconsidering their career choices. Regulations that protect our air, water and wildlife will be weakened and need rebuilding. And our options for addressing climate change will have been narrowed. The one thing that the Zinke administration cannot rewrite is history, and history will not be kind to his tenure.

There is good news besides his departure, and the legal challenges to many of his policies and actions, led by the conservation community. As I wrote in my book The Future of Conservation, I have faith in the rise in the millennial generation active for conservation. They are smart, diverse, innovative and fired up, forming not only resistance, but a movement that will stand up locally and nationally for the future of our parks and public lands for all, forever. Someone in this group will be a future secretary of the interior and they will be one of the good ones."
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