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This is a crappy post.

It is crappy because it contradicts too many of the rules, which are either named (in Palmer's FAQ) or unspoken: it is long, it is content laden and it requires scrolling. Maybe it isn't funny at all. But this time I don't care. I have achieved 10,000 posts on TMF US, so why should I care?

Because I know that many of you have the attention span of a puppy, I first decided to highlight your names. But then I disliked this idea. It would look too bold.

Some of you think that I started posting on TMF US right after the German site was closed in early January. This is not true. I came to TMF US first in mid 2000. I was an investor who was naive enough to believe that the NASDAQ would go from one high to another. I started on TMF US with lurking and reading on the financial boards. My first favorite fools were BruceBrown, who is the most dedicated fool in my eyes and Woolybooger1, xerohype and trenchrat from "Rats Broadband Bandwagon". In November 2000, I decided to post my very first post on the Juniper Board.

I returned to lurking on the financial boards, while posting a little on some boards on TMF Germany. I found many of my favorite fools there and I began to get addicted to posting just for fun. We had a charity posting over there and I learned and loved fools like Rowan (fleetstreet), a very foolish guy and Apple Macintosh User by heart like me; GunnarSk, who showed up on TMF Germany many times and one of the fools I know in person. Gunnar, first just a friendly fool from Denmark who writes excellent German; Anja (meppen99) who I hugged in reality but never on the boards; Heinz, a poster who is sometimes pathetic and serious, but always sensitive, caring and funny; Darkside (lockhartl) who I first got to know as part of the British Invasion on the German boards in December; same with Ian (tisonlyme), my sensitive, caring and witty friend of the Shire. I got to know him first on a German board.

And there were many other German fools I got to know during the posting marathon: Micha, who is on the boards way too less these days. Ute, Barbala, Debbie (ynka), who is missed not only from me on the boards. DerDilbert, Warrenbudget, UlrichM, UliMunich, Julchen, NosmoKing64, Conny (Ex-TMFKugelblitz), efti and Feininger, edithlutz, memyselfaneye, JoergL, MarsDE, zauberstefan and betwo. During a foolish workshop in February that was organized by Warrenbudget, I got to know some of them in reality.

Then the German site was closed on January 3rd and the German fools found themselves a little helpless and confused on the German Dax board. It was again Gunnar who posted a link to GMS and GMR.

Heck, it's just a link. I mean I click on zillion links every day. Sometimes it's not me that's following this link. It's my finger clicking the mouse. Do you ponder 5 minutes before you follow a link? Nah, you just click it.

And I found myself at GMS.

Whoa! My first post to Darkside:

I don't know how many recs I got first for this crap. I think 2 or 3. What's going on here? Are these folks rec'ing every crap you post? It was a friendly and nice person with the name TheLucidDreamer, who answered my post.

Suddenly I was stuck in a sinister world of gossip, ramblings, jokes and spontaneous ideas about other spontaneous posts. There were brilliant phrases from a fool with a huge redstar, with the name Redsavina who obviously still believes that I am a Czechoslovakian accordion player. There were ironic one-liners from a guy named swimdad, wearing a Goldstar. There is another Goldstar named Joelsenior, but what on Earth does "eff off" mean? Later this Joelsenior picked on me and teased me and somehow I fought back. Or not. I can't remember. I have recognized that GMS without him is not the same and I therefore sent him my Kudos. I've read posts from him lately that brought up the opinion that he is possibly and eventually not an @$$hole. And I think he is cool. And yes, I confess that I rec'ed him sometimes because I had a really good laugh.

And there was a nice and friendly person with the name CaveGirl. I didn't know very much of her at this point. Her words were funny and friendly and nice, and it was fun to talk with her. Later I learned more about Karen, who now is an important and caring friend of mine.

There were other GMS posters who were kind of mysterious, like MizBlue. After getting to know her in the last months, only attributes like kind,
inspired, friendly and nice came to my mind. I never read an unfriendly word from her.

Other GMS woman I got to know were Barb, Catherine and Holly who were just friendly and nice to a stupid German newbii. And so at this time I got to know more and more guys and girls like Ascalon, BizDani, ntoriusdan, SmashingPiggy, UncleLee and GMSHowardRoark who rambled something about "his project". What is he talking about?

Despite of the confusion and the fighting with my English language skills, I got more and more addicted and I was getting to know more and more guys who I admire for their knowing how to use the English language.

We have to talk about the Butterbrezl Thread Period at GMS.

First of all, I could have posted something about my nostril hairs, or about my job. But every day I've bought myself this snack (a pretzel with butter, 'nuff said) in the morning. Why not do a post about this every morning? It could have been everything else. Some people posted the names of volcanoes, so why shouldn't I post something about my early morning snack? It's just contentless crap. Who cares?

I posted a whiny butterbrezl thread, a sleepless butterbrezl thread and the butterbrezl in space. I just liked the word. I like the word pickles as well. I think 'coffee clutch' is a very funny word too, but I learned it just a bit later from Sunrunner4.

I could have posted something like "I'm sleepless", but it was more fun with the word Butterbrezl in it, in my mind. Obviously some people liked this period, like Sheryl, who was at first just a funny and witty person; now she is someone I follow. I read about her intentions to throw crap in the garden of her neighbors, her efforts to sell the house and I look for her and read her and call her a friend.

Another guy named Markux came by and now I know about his problems with his roommate, learned that he is an actor and a really cool guy. There was someone with the name Tru, and now I know about her work, her dog and I look forward to meeting her, Mark and Karen later this year in Utah.

A bunch of cool people crossed my path at GMS, people like Errin, topdog3, Juliewinter, TheDiaper (Diana), jayseae, jbisme, BermudaKen, Pilotswife, snowytenn, Obviousman, Simon from Zurich (sramseier). I got to know Errin better during the following time but for example, Diana disappeared somehow...

The Butterbrezls brought me to Planet X

Suddenly the roleplaying began. You can think about roleplaying however you want. You'll probably hate it or think it is just stupid and ridiculous.

Drachman (formerly GMSHowardRoark), or just Captain Gabriel was the captain of a Spacecraft and we were a bunch of silly, self destructive, funny and chaotic crew members.

There was the story of a strange wooden crate which was discovered as an unidentified parcel in the cargo bay FCK4711. This wooden crate was later accidentally thrown into space from 75007. Unfortunately this cargo was a large shipment of 4000 year old tan'l'turriean golden vino for Captain Gabe... read the full story if you want, it is funny as heck...

On another day, an accident with the transport replicator occurred, and Ian was transformed into some kind of tentacled creature. Jump into that story if you want:

That's how we played around these days. The stories developed in a bizarre and odd way. They could have been written by Douglas Adams himself. Of course they were sometimes broken and had no real storyline but a lot of inspired people did their part to create and to follow-up the stories. Call it childish or ridiculous, but we had a good time. These days I was sitting at my Computer at work, trying to suppress my giggles and some upcoming snorts.

More friends who crossed my path during this time were Sync2Sink, Yorkuga, Linda (Hi Zippy Wafflebuns!), BLLL, PunkPanther, Whammbamm.

The roleplaying ended or maybe it has just paused.

Since then, I spend my time on a bunch of little boards. I lurk or post on the big boards and call these boards my most important boards:

Gimme My Stars
Gimme My Recs
Gimme My Butterbrezls
Board of Pure Evil
Planet X

And there are other people who I admire for their ability of playing with words, their humor, their irony or their kindness. There are the shameless rec whores on GMR; there are the Britts with their typical style of humor and there are many, many others who just perform boardhopping like me:

Fools like Tom (Kaigun) the OOC specialist (beside BLLL) and Haiku man. TJLea who joined the social boards after I postet a '42' milestone post on PA; Rosebear, ab1stock, AverageJoe, CaveKing Thomas, euphoriant, sonnycher, Robejankus, BigBunk, catfyre, Domingoknife, Holmesie, MrDPsQuest, GregLorton, LorenSalter, exilion, DOW2000, phantomdiver, PoodleLover Seymore, Ann-Marie, sdhosler, the rec specialist Michael wildcat; Ezlington, GregLorton, MrsEPeel, UKBankerBoy, codefusion from the British squadron.


I don't know how I got to know Sunrunner4 and the Board of Pure Evil. First he was just someone with an odd username. Now I think that this man is a really inspired writer and poster. I have gigglesnorted like a complete loon when reading posts from you! I look forward to meeting you as well in autumn this year.

Congrats for going Gold, Aaron!

I pictured Errin first as a low-sized engineer in Minnesota. Now I can look on her picture of her and her herd. I admire your wonderful and sarcastic way of writing, Errin! And you are a wonderful and witty woman, a babe and a friend.

Congrats for going Gold, Errin!


I wanted to write more thanks and thoughts about TMF with their Foolish techies who built up this sandbox for us - I wanted to write more about the crazy bunch of doppels who jumped around as Elves, Lambs, Birds
and Kitties.

But I already wrote to much Yada Yada Blah Blah Woof Woof in this crappy post.

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