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I have been getting a *ton* of calls and Emails from "Headhunters" lately. I put that in quotes because they actually seem be be barely more than spam. They manage to find the word "Engineer" in my LinkedIn bio and assume all engineers are interested in all engineering jobs. Or they see "Design Die Cast Parts" and think that makes you a die casting mold designer.

The phone calls all eventually get around to "How much do you make?" I tell them I'm not interested in sharing personal information with someone I don't know who happened to be able to call my phone number. Of course, the response is that they need to know so as to not try to set things up with something way below my grade. The two times I went against my better judgment and discussed it with them, they promised to call back with opportunities more in line...and I never heard from them again. On the other calls, I asked them to tell me the range for the position, and it's always been VERY much less than I make now, and often in a higher cost-of-living area. I mean, the bio has how many decades of experience a candidate a "Headhunter" shouldn't expect a >30 year experience person to be excited about a 5-year salary.

There are also a lot of Emails, most saying "We were impressed with your qualifications" (usually for a job that's NOT related to what I've actually done for over three decades). When I reply asking "which qualifications do you think are most applicable to this position?" all but one didn't write back. Last week was the icing on the cake--the Email included a link to the job description that the "Headhunter" felt was a perfect match. The site listed a salary range, the midpoint of which is exactly half of what I earn.


Thanks for letting me vent.
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Usually, in my experience, the "We were impressed" e-mails are insurance companies (really, agent downlines) who want to build out their pyramids, giving you the "opportunity" to own your own business.
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