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Looks like I'm slow to get to this book, since this forum seems to be dyring up. However, I would like to know what people think about the books 2nd Greater than Greatest Depression prediction. He does seem to make good common sense with the 45 - 55 Big Spender demographic argument. Thoughts?
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My take on the cause of the Great Depression was that the
Smoot-Hawley act imposed punitive tariffs and dried up
international trade. The stock market crash was pretty
coincidental. I hope we're smart enough not to do that again.

While the US population is graying, the world
population is pretty young on average. The US isn't the only show
in town anymore and we can sell stuff to a bunch of places. Fear
mongering sells, but is usually wrong.

Chris - next year might be a little rough, but that's where the bargains are
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