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jwiest:"Of course, you're only talking about income taxes, and this is because the tax burden has shifted."

And, dear lib, what other federal taxes on there on people. Of course, we are talking INCOME taxes. We don't have federal taxes on real estate, on cars, on private planes, on your boat or ATV, or your computer.



jwiest:" If you look at the total tax pie, it's actually net people pay a lower percentage than poor people do. "

Actually,no. If you take the top 20%, most of them are paying big time income taxes since most of them are WORKING and get salaries of $100,000 or more...and if two in the family work, maybe $200,000 or more, and if in high cost areas like Wash DC, Boston, NYC or SF or LA, they are making $250,000 a year.

And the bottom 48% pay zero income taxes.

I guess you libs are really math challenged. 47-48% of all people pay ZERO income taxes and actually get some back in terms of 'earned income credits' and other nonsense.

Most 'poor' people pay ZERO income taxes. Duh!......

What a silly 'wealth rant' you started. Can't even get your facts straight!...

Worse, if we look at people who actually pay a bit of income taxes......and look at HOW MUCH OF THEIR MONEY IS AT RISK in is near ZERO once again.

Yep, you work at a job and get a salary you got 100% chance of getting paid. The 'investor' might lose every dime. His/her gains should be taxed at lower rates since money is at risk. You libs never seem to understand that.


Jwiest:"Mitt Romney's income tax burden was 13%."

It was 14%. Wrong again

Even worse for you, 47% of people PAID ZERO INCOME taxes.

Your 13 or the correct 14% is 13 or 14% MORE than half the population pays, and likely more than the next 20% pay, for a total of nearly 2/3rds of all taxpayers.

Once again, you whine about the 'poor' and the poor pay ZERO income taxes.

Did it ever occur to you that ZERO is a lot less than 14%?



jwiest:" After all, he doesn't eat 250 million times more than everyone else, his tax burden on food, property, fuel, etc is a sand grain in his gold pile."

Oh, the seething wealth envy!......

And you haven't a clue as to his tax burden on property. And 250 million times?'ve really got a bad case of wealth envy!

Who cares if he makes 10 times or 100 times or 1000 times what Sam Poverty makes? Only wealth envy libs.......

and your language - - 'gold pile' - clearly you have a really bad case of 'wealth envy'.


So what if we had a miser who had a stash of 10 million in gold, but only worked six hours a week at the store to get pocket change, and lived on SS...... would you still have wealth envy? and be upset that he probably paid zero income taxes? Of course you would be...

You've got WEALTH envy!

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