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If t'rump gets a border wall, he will need to steal Texans' private property. South Texans whose private-property lines end at the banks of the Rio Grande, will be forced to give up a sizable chunk of their property, and instead of looking out the window at a beautiful river, they will be staring at a steel wall built with Russian steel.

Be careful who you vote for, Texans....karma may just surface...LOL
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It's actually worse than that. They take the wall location by eminent domain and leave your property divided by the wall. Or they need to put a gate in for you--a gate that can fit all your agricultural equipment. Or they need to take all the land between the wall and the river--then it's too much valuable farmland to pay for.

There is still conflict, and probably litigation, with the government over the takings for the flooding of Falcon Lake in the 1950s. So it's the kind of government spending that's a gift that keeps on giving.
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