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hi everyone

now it's not in me to hype a particular stock.
However Kaz Computer ( is going public and on Monday was the first day to ring for the prospectus. How hot was it? put it this way: by tuesday
the next day they had run out of prospectuses. I think
it's really dopey that they didn't put the prospectus
on Acrobat PDF- then they wouldn't have to print so many copies and save them the trees.

anyway i did get a copy only because i emailed the night before (sunday) as an expression of interest.

and yes Kaz makes a profit. it is a data webhosting business as well as other IT outsourcing like
EDS and CSC do.

good luck
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Good news, ASIC is going to start requiring prospectuses to be published on the internet and will even set up a database on their site giving details of all documents lodged with it and where they can be found.

This policy will come into effect when the Corporations Law is amended, which is meant to be 16 March.
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dear Dotterel

i have found to my disgust that only 5000 copies have been printed. this is disgraceful. i am sure KTM Capital, the underwriters are actually SOCOG in disguise when it comes to organisational skills.
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A small consolation is that they didn't get your cheque and forget to refund the money, unlike SOCOG.

Come 13 March the ASIC is hoping that the situation of too few prospectuses will be solved by the requirement that there be a 7 day period from lodging the prospectus with ASIC (who will have a list and who to contact) before any applications are allowed to be accepted, and failure to distribute a prospectus when requested may be grounds for further action.

Hopefully better times will come, as I missed out on the Liberty One float by one day due to my broker taking too long to get me a prospectus.
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