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I have defaulted to the following:

QQQ RSI(5) no trades this week.

System buys in AH on an RSI(5) close below 30. Came close with a 30.7 on Wednesday and I checked the Thursday low and it was 30.2 during the selloff.

System sells in AH on an RSI(5) close above 50,uu[m,a]daclyyay[da][pb50!d20,2][vc60][iUb5!Lc10]&...

My reasoning is as follows-

Since last summer I have guessed we are in a stagflation scenario.

I work for a cyclical co. and biz continues to contract in a spiral due to competition from the far east.

Runs in the Bios and Nets smell of speculation that should be wrung out of the market by now but is not.

VIX to low & $BPCOMP has not issued a deep buy signal in a while.

If I am wrong this conservative system will keep me in the game.


Only current position- trade turned longterm short MCHP
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I agree John..simple does as simple is...I found that watching for earnings suprises. special al... after the bell...and hopping on fast..gets us a run ah...and generally early the next day at worst...not the easiest for everyone...but I like the odds that
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