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I've been getting a couple of odd error messages and am wondering what to do about them. For a few days (usually after waking the PC after hibernation)I've been getting the following:

Boot Device Not Found

Today I got a second message:


Can anyone help me troubleshoot the PC to fix the problem(s)?

I have a Dell Studio XPS, running Windows 7 Professional

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One of the top googling results suggest that one should check for a lose disk cable. Have you done that? Maybe reseat the disk drive cables (including the cable powering the drive).
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Hey philo88,,,

Well, there are many possibilities here, bad or flaky/intermittent Hard Drive or Controller problems, Bad sectors on the hard Drive Bad Page-File, etc.

So, you need to go through a process of elimination, with diagnostics, Running CHKDSK utility to find and repair disk problem, etc., to narrow down the possibilities, and to identify the problem.

However, first make sure you have your data Backed up, before starting any diagnose and fix process.

Dell systems, I think, typically come with some Diagnostic software, if not, you can probably download them from Dell.

Here is what Microsoft recommends:


Welcome to Microsoft Answers.

The error code KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR STOP: 0x0000007A states that the requested page of kernel data from the paging file could not be read into memory. It appears that there are some issues with the hard disk.
Use check disk command for any errors on hard disk -
Warning: Microsoft does not recommend interrupting the CHKDSK process. Microsoft does not guarantee the integrity of the disk if the CHKDSK program is interrupted. For safety you can back up your data before using the check disk command.
Use the check disk commands as follows:
1. Click Start.
2. In search window type 'cmd' and ENTER. Right click and select 'Run as administrator'.
3. Type at the command prompt CHKDSK /P and press ENTER to scan the disk.
4. Then type CHKDSK C: /F /R and press ENTER to repair corrupt sectors, if there are any.
NOTE: The root drive has to be C: and the command may schedule a task at the system startup, if it does, then press Y to schedule a task and restart the computer to perform chkdsk.
Once chkdsk completes, boot to the desktop and then check.
You may refer to the below mentioned link for more details -
Hope this helps. Let us know the results.
Meghmala – Microsoft Support

And, here is video-clip that walks you through bunch of various diagnostic steps, in an attempt to isolate and fix the problem:

Also, if you type in the "Kernel_Data_Inpage_Error" string into Google-Search, it will come with 100's of sites, with recommendations/fixes.

And, as Mark12547 suggested, check your Disk-Drive to Controller cables...

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Thanks. Will check the cables and run the diagnostics.
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On the first error you mentioned I noticed it appeared for me sometimes when I had a thumbnail drive left in a USB port.

Don't know much about the second one.

I run WinXP sp3 on most of my machines.


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