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PuddinHead's stock of the day. Keysight (KEYS) provides 5G test equipment and has been crushing earnings as 5G starts to grow. This stock has a potential of riding a 5G Tsunami for a few years to come and an investment now could be be very rewarding in the long term. 5G is a sure thing, and providing picks and shovels is a proven way to make money no matter who wins the 5G war.

Check the chart. They blew out earnings last time and and gapped up on huge volume. You could have bought the stock with 5% of the open according to IBD rules. Since then it has built a nice flat base, with only one down day on volume, and that was the day after the gap up, so we can forgive that since it was never confirmed. The peak was either $101.58 from the gap or or $102.00 attempt in the middle of the pattern. Those are two test/resistance areas you would be watching. Today the stock closed at $102.97 on the largest up volume since the gap up. This is a new high and a breakout I would definitely buy in a very strong market and would strongly consider now, especially if you have been sitting on some cash. The IBD rule is don't buy more than 5% above the proper pivot. IBD sell rule #1, never take more than a 7-8% loss. This assumes you are buying a strong growth stock on a proper breakout. It does not apply to randomly buying stocks willy nilly, which is against the rules.

The growth ranking are pretty good, but not top notch....

Composite Rating 96 Pass
EPS Rating 89 Neutral
RS Rating 96 Pass
Group RS Rating A-Pass
SMR Rating A Pass
Acc/Dis Rating B-Pass

Do your homework.

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Hi PuddinHead!

You (and others) convinced me to take a hard look at KEYS. I liked what I saw and established a 1/2 position. I'll buy more shares depending on overall Market actions.

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