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I'm a 61 year old male with esrd (end stage renal disease). I have medicare and have been receiving disability payments from the Social Security Administration (SSA) for the last six years. I have been considering getting a transplant when I turn 62 because Medicare will cover me for three years, at which point I become eligible for Medicare due to my age. I was surprised, however, to discover that the SSA will only cover me for 1 year after a transplant, at which point I would lose my disability payments. At age 63, not having worked in my field for 7 years (programmer), I would be forced to file for early retirement with the SSA and would then receive a payment 20% less than my current payment.

If, however, I wait until age 69 for my transplant, I could then file for delayed retirement at age 70 and receive a payment that is 32% higher than what I'm getting now.

My question is, is this analysis correct? Can I actually get more money from the SSA by delaying my kidney transplant?

Of course, any other questions or comments would be appreciated.
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