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Department of Health and Human Services now reports thousands more children than previously disclosed may have been torn from their parents for months before the zero tolerance policy was even announced. Their report confirmed that the real crisis on the border was humanitarian, one that the administration’s actions have made even more terrible.

The amount of children separated from their parents was 10 times greater than had previously been reported. It was not until the following April that the administration announced a zero-tolerance approach.

Responding to a legal challenge brought by the American Civil Liberties
Union, the government finally acknowledged that nearly 3,000 children had been separated from their parents since the policy was announced. But on top of that, the inspector general said, thousands more may not have been counted!

Over all, the total number of children separated at the border is “unknown,” according to the report. Nor was it clear how many of these children had yet to be reunited with their families.

My understanding is that there may not be any way to reunite all the children with their parents some may NEVER be...that is unacceptable, inhumane and criminal!!!! I can't imagine such a circumstance. These kids may never see their parents again....and their parents must be in utter despair...this is not my USA!
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