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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/8/22 7:59 PM
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but I won't ever understand how a company could conclude that adding back employee salaries to their income statement is a worthwhile metric to show investors (repeatedly).

Hi Travis,

Maybe this will help.

  • Date: 9/8/22 5:38 PM
  • Number: 204328
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(Update to Email 101)

So a few days ago, after reading everything I could find on email file locations, I restored several backed-up folders that had anything to do with emails and user files.

  • Date: 9/8/22 5:10 PM
  • Number: 204327
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Hi Golfer,

Any time you remove a USB drive, Windows assumes that former drive letter is available for re-use, and can assign that letter to any drive it wants, because it can.* :)

* To keep the same letter semi-permanently, as
  • Date: 9/8/22 1:06 AM
  • Number: 276735
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Why have company-specific risk buying mature business that isn't growing a whole lot faster than the economy, if at all?

Why hang around and pester folks on a board for a stock that you are way too smart to own? Bye & Good
  • Date: 9/3/22 5:44 AM
  • Number: 85811
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Randy, this is gonna hurt. :)

I think I get what you're asking, but I don't think you phrased your questions well, and if I do understand, several others are missing your point.

Yes, I see change coming. Right or wrong, I
  • Date: 9/1/22 2:34 PM
  • Number: 662467
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I should have mentioned FWIW that we haven't had rain for at least 60 days.
  • Date: 9/1/22 2:32 PM
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Are you sure it wasn't sorghum?

I am indeed a city boy, but I've hunted through hundreds of corn fields and yes, I do know the difference. This was in Nebraska, where corn is one of our major economic drivers and a major
  • Date: 9/1/22 2:16 PM
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No surprise there, Wendy; I always knew you were smarter than the average bear. Alas, I am not. (I also don't sleep well.) Double whammy for Dan!
  • Date: 8/31/22 6:35 PM
  • Number: 10080
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... when you take a 5-minute pause from fighting for your financial life in the stock market, listen to the pure silence all around you, and then realize that everyone but you sold out last winter, and you're the only schmuck left in the market
  • Date: 8/31/22 6:11 PM
  • Number: 662386
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driving back home across the Midwest last weekend.

I kept looking at the many corn fields along the highways because I'd never seen corn only 2-3 feet tall this late in the year. Then I thought hmm... was that all? Was there was
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Take me back to where I was.
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