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  • Date: 11/13/18 3:53 AM
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Although earnings season never officially ends, it's a pretty big week for cannabis stocks of all sizes. That includes direct and ancillary players.

As we head into the thick of marijuana stock earnings, here are a few things to keep
  • Date: 11/6/18 2:46 AM
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Running through the industry, I've realized just how many marijuana stocks have uplisted, changed their names, and/or changed their ticker symbol at some point this year. For clarity's sake, and for those of your who might otherwise not be
  • Date: 11/3/18 3:25 AM
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Hi Steve,

On Oct. 22, 2018, CannaRoyalty announced that it was changing its name to "Origin House," along with changing its over-the-counter-listed ticker to (NasdaqOTH: ORHOF). Said the company, "The Origin House corporate
  • Date: 10/30/18 2:11 AM
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Hi Strap1957,

If you're on the Marijuana Masters home page and click the "Get Your Stocks" tile beneath the Cannabis Investing Blueprint, it'll take you to the page you're interested in. On that page, David K. and the
  • Date: 10/30/18 2:05 AM
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Hi Brock7771,

Since I wrote that article about Canopy Growth, it's probably best I respond to your question.

Our company name, "Motley Fool," helps describe the motley of opinions our writers share, myself included.
  • Date: 10/27/18 3:16 AM
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Hi greenretirement,

Thanks for the commentary and question.

I think you raise a valid point that the U.S. could easily outpace Canada in the sales department... if it were legalized at the federal level. State-level legalizations
  • Date: 10/27/18 3:02 AM
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Hi Morgana,

Thanks for the question.

The difference between the two is IIPR is the common stock investors can purchase for Innovative Industrial Properties, whereas IIPR-A is the preferred stock for Innovative Industrial
  • Date: 10/24/18 1:45 AM
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Hi MtnFoolery,

Thanks for the comment. Here are some off-the-cuff, personal thoughts...

I think you've hit the nail on the head that there is no perfect time to buy marijuana stocks, or any stock for that matter. Timing your
  • Date: 10/24/18 1:17 AM
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Exactly! We're moving beyond the promises stage and into the "show me" stage. Certainly not uncommon to see bouts of volatility when that happens.

  • Date: 10/23/18 3:58 AM
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Hi Azrielnoir,

Although I can't (and won't) speak for the Marijuana Masters team, I would say there's a pretty good reason for them to favor Canadian marijuana stocks: Canada legalized recreational cannabis.

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