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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/25/21 10:10 PM
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Corporations do not get preferential treatment on capital gains. They pay the full tax at the corporation tax rate.
  • Date: 11/18/20 5:25 PM
  • Number: 257383
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What category of holdings would Costco fall into for the 10-Q reporting? Is it possible that the shares "sold" are actually not being reported because BRK is building a larger position and requested confidential disclosure?
  • Date: 11/2/20 9:15 PM
  • Number: 256911
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Because P/B has absolutely no relation to P/E (and sometimes neither has any relation to reality :-))
Book value does relate to retained earnings as you say. But how the market reacts to them in terms of expanding or contracting P/E or P/B is

  • Date: 10/14/20 9:41 PM
  • Number: 256541
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“ Somebody liked this call, it had volume of 10 today.”

Haha, that was me actually!

  • Date: 8/22/20 5:23 PM
  • Number: 255668
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"There are all sorts of people. Most of our portfolio is in tax-deferred IRAs (via company 401K savings).
I would prefer a dividend as it is only taxable when I use it.
Different strokes."

Paying a dividend would be
  • Date: 7/13/20 10:51 AM
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"Royal - He did NOT say next year, he said next 10 years. This takes away the randomness."

Apologies, I misquoted the previous post (multi-tasking). That being said, the randomness is not removed from the equation. If in any given
  • Date: 7/13/20 10:14 AM
  • Number: 254570
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"Here is the snippets of the quote directly(again)

But, I would not want to bet my life on whether we beat the S&P500 over the next 10 years.

And I would make no promise to anybody that we will do better than the
  • Date: 6/21/20 4:28 PM
  • Number: 253928
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Thanks! That number makes more sense to me. Looks likely roughly 2% of all Fidelity accounts age 65 and older made changes, which is substantially less than I would have expected.
  • Date: 6/21/20 1:16 PM
  • Number: 253921
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Can you provide the source regarding senior retirement accounts shifting to cash? I can’t seem to find the report from Fidelity and there are numerous reports claiming the opposite has happened.
  • Date: 5/29/20 8:58 PM
  • Number: 253330
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They are purchases for Berkshire ( While it appears that Ted also had to file a Form 4, footnote 2 tells us that the
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Take me back to where I was.
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