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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/16/10 9:17 AM
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On my metro ride into work this morning I was reading Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman of the Baupoust Group. Klarman is a "go where they aren't" value investor who preaches a "safety first" philosophy. You may have

  • Date: 7/22/10 12:29 PM
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For any beginner investors who may be reading this:

Fellow Fool TMFOperaRocks (aka: my friend Molly) has a great CAPS blog you can find here.

  • Date: 7/18/10 8:15 PM
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Thanks for all the excellent charts portefeuille. Somehow I feel like you have already made some plays on VXX in your personal account. 



  • Date: 7/16/10 4:35 PM
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With the S&P 500 down 2.9% or so today, I found myself saying: “Geez. These big whacks seem to be happening more and more. It never used to be like this.”


So to entertain my curiosity I went back and looked at how frequently the

  • Date: 7/15/10 4:41 PM
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Deej - keep your eye out for next week's article which will include my six portfolio contenders. Surely they'll be better than Todds six :)

  • Date: 7/15/10 1:44 PM
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Drum roll...................



The Faux-Fool Drip Portfolio is back!


Faux, you say? Yes, well, my partner and crime (Todd

  • Date: 8/29/14 3:25 PM
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I've been working with JP tirelessly to transition coverage. I've completely handed things over by now -- he is on top of things and you should have a fresh cup-o-FV soon, I would guess.

  • Date: 8/27/14 12:50 PM
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  • Date: 8/26/14 3:08 PM
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URBN announced Q2 earnings a few days ago. Initially, the stock sagged as some investors may have expected the turnaround at the Urban Outfitters brand to show more signs of life. I have been pretty clear that I thought the brick and
  • Date: 8/26/14 12:36 PM
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More of the same from BKE. No change to FVE or CAM and we should hear about a special dividend (or not) in September. With nearly $5 per share in extra cash, I think a payout is likely.

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Take me back to where I was.
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