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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/15/19 5:22 PM
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Here's an amusing story to start off the week:

Grant Gustin, star of The Flash, Vapes on a Plane, Sets Off Alarm

  • Date: 6/15/11 9:22 AM
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They're ba-ack...

 Dear Mr. Smith,

With the SEC taking important steps last week to suspend trading of 17 fraudulent penny stocks, much needed action was taken against microcap fraud

  • Date: 6/23/10 1:17 PM
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Pretty bold words for someone with sub-45% accuracy, V. ;)

 But here's hoping you are right. DWA is, after all, a Motley Fool Stock Advisor selection.


  • Date: 12/9/09 2:20 PM
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Update: I am building a Goldman tracker. Not as good as having direct feeds from Goldman itself via, but it should give us a decent idea of how well the banker is doing.


  • Date: 12/4/09 8:16 PM
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FWIW, just noticed the "law-related" focus of TMA. I've cross-posted a link to this blog to solosez, asking local DC-area lawyers to join in the effort.

 TMFDitty, Esq.

  • Date: 12/4/09 2:23 PM
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A rabbi, a priest, and Bernie Madoff are sitting in a rowboat on a lake. The rabbi hops out, walks across the water to shore. Then the priest hops out, does the same. Bernie shrugs, hops out, promptly sinks.

The rabbi turns to the priest,

  • Date: 12/4/09 2:19 PM
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Mel Karmazin and Steve Jobs are trick or treating in a dark alley, both dressed as peanuts. One is a salted.

  • Date: 12/4/09 2:18 PM
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So jokes and famous folks, eh? Okay:

 Warren Buffett walks into a bar one day. Says "ouch."

  • Date: 6/28/07 12:27 PM
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Ouch. I can't recall ever seeing (not that I watch CNBC often) them go after one of the Wall Street analysts like that. Kind of felt like an ambush to me.


  • Date: 7/25/15 12:06 PM
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I can see the logic behind replacing satellite with a combination of Rokus, Netflix and Amazon accounts, etc.

But it's the cable Internet cost that's still sine qua non for cable TV subscribers. The latest deal I negotiated would have
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Take me back to where I was.
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