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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/13/19 9:41 AM
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Correction. Jim M. is TMFTortoise. My bad. But really I blame the fool for having so many fantastic analysts and writers.
  • Date: 7/13/19 9:11 AM
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I don’t want this to turn into an OT podcast thread but this is very on topic IMO.

David Gardner and Jim Mueller (TMF1000) discuss how “Overvalued” Netflix, Salesforce, Mercado Libre, Intuitive Surgicla, and The Trade Desk were by
  • Date: 7/13/19 7:55 AM
  • Number: 57764
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Agree 100% with Muji. This is not about picking on any one person, but rather discouraging the act of excessive posting.

If everyone here posted that much, the board would lose absolutely all of its value because it would be impossible to
  • Date: 7/6/19 12:14 PM
  • Number: 57527
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So awesome to see family on here investing together.

That’s a personal goal of mine with my kids some day.
  • Date: 7/5/19 7:15 AM
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For the third time, and for the people who respect this board. Please stop posting and replying to Tinker/Duma.

Let them get the last word. That’s the only way this thread will end and we can get back on topic.

Thank you all for
  • Date: 7/4/19 8:45 PM
  • Number: 57501
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Let’s end this thread now please. We won’t let this turn into a back and forth bicker.

Duma, please respect the board and the Fool policies of not advertising other sites or platforms of your own on their boards.

  • Date: 7/4/19 7:15 PM
  • Number: 57498
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Duma, these free boards are a great resource. Please stop advertising your off board slack on these free forums.

At least use the “email author” feature instead of posting publicly.

  • Date: 7/4/19 6:20 AM
  • Number: 57481
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Motley Fool’s public articles on has no impact on whether the Fool is “divided”.

Those are writers not analysts and they are paid by the article, not for investment performance.

There is no
  • Date: 7/3/19 9:17 PM
  • Number: 57468
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Magellan, I see that you are "new" so this was probably an honest mistake, but please do not share any premium subscription Motley Fool recommendations here...or on any free site/forum. It's just not right.

I have reported
  • Date: 7/2/19 1:31 PM
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Hey 12x. I agree and disagree.

Being considered “overvalued” is not automatically a good thing. Won’t get into Bitcoin other than to say it’s impossible to actually value so it doesn’t matter.

Also sure, bad businesses being
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Take me back to where I was.
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