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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 12/1/11 2:59 PM
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Great post, sikiliza. The stock has really come back today as investors reconsider and is now down 6%.

I don't consider the insider selling to be a factor at all at this point.


  • Date: 11/28/06 12:00 PM
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Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering if they should start investing in real life like they do in CAPS?


Of course, a lot of my CAPS gains have come about through shorting. Since the majority of funds in my real portfolio

  • Date: 4/30/18 1:01 PM
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I'll add that I can't believe I've found someone else who used to be on the Prodigy boards... and the name "The High Desert Fox" is very familiar!
  • Date: 4/30/18 1:00 PM
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Hajck (or anyone)... are you still lurking around these parts?
  • Date: 11/30/15 9:23 AM
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Hi Biju,

I'm not the author, but I can tell you where to find the book!

  • Date: 4/1/13 4:54 PM
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I visited an Equinix data center last November. This video will give you some idea how vast, complicated, and secure these things are:

  • Date: 11/30/12 4:10 PM
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Emmet, I thought I knew you pretty well, but I knew none of this. Let's chat some more next time we're in the same country.
  • Date: 11/27/12 5:01 PM
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  • Date: 11/19/12 2:54 PM
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Hi blesto... great questions.

When you ask about my holdings, first you should know that I generally buy companies with the intention of holding forever Ė and Iím slow to sell. (Iíve also been a bit too hands off in the past couple of
  • Date: 9/7/12 9:52 PM
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Hi Russ,

It's a good question. I haven't noticed fewer companies passing because all I do take the top 10 highest yielders from the list. I will try to pay more attention in the future for valuation indicators.


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Take me back to where I was.
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