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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/30/20 10:34 AM
  • Number: 66373
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Isn't it misleading to say 300M daily meeting participants when a great percentage of those users are participating in multiple meetings? They obviously don't have anywhere near 300M users per day.
  • Date: 8/29/19 10:26 AM
  • Number: 59075
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Reaching lows not seen since July 1st!

  • Date: 4/3/19 12:52 PM
  • Number: 54164
  • Recommendations: 4
I think it is extremely unlikely that Berkshire is selling this for a quick buck. That is not the kind of investing they do.
  • Date: 1/11/19 3:19 PM
  • Number: 50345
  • Recommendations: 5
I think you are way over-thinking this. Mary Kay Bowman was head of payments BTW...not product development.
  • Date: 12/6/18 2:01 PM
  • Number: 106298
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SQ price to sales is about 9. Not 19.
  • Date: 10/2/18 3:58 PM
  • Number: 46843
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The S-1 is out. Looks like it is going to IPO late next week.
  • Date: 5/29/09 9:25 AM
  • Number: 144238
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As you can see this has gone nowhere.† Just one more thing CAPS has taught me / reinforced....I'm lazy.
  • Date: 8/31/07 11:33 AM
  • Number: 13627
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Argh!† Formatting is not working.† I tried posting my FCFS summary but it looks horrible.† It doesn't seem to like bullets pasted from Word.
  • Date: 8/31/07 11:28 AM
  • Number: 13625
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I'm going to use Caps and the message boards in an attempt to organize my thoughts on my current investments.† I plan to create a relatively short summary of each stock I own and update it quarterly.† Cover the basic investment thesis, notes,
  • Date: 5/4/07 11:10 AM
  • Number: 7037
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What a coincidence're on my favorites list.† Feel the groupie love.

Cramerica...thanks for the reply.† I look forward to seeing the feature added.

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Take me back to where I was.
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