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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 11/25/15 3:21 PM
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Hi Rik, can the PDF be reinstated? Stock Advisor still does it and I like to print it for reading while traveling. This new set up forces you to use different web links and a computer or mobile device to view.

Thanks for the consideration.
  • Date: 10/28/15 8:09 PM
  • Number: 1688
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Please take a takes you to a "best of" PDF. Thank you.
  • Date: 12/30/14 9:31 AM
  • Number: 4908
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Hello Saul and everyone. I am wondering how you all interpret and potentially use this data in directing your investments. I am a long term holder of stocks but find the data compelling.

Please see this article and chart here: (Continued...)
  • Date: 12/19/14 4:39 PM
  • Number: 899
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Thanks a lot Chris. Is there a way to replicate a portfolio easily/automatically? I have dozens of transactions and re-entering everything would take a long time....

Much appreciated.
  • Date: 12/18/14 7:31 AM
  • Number: 894
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Hello, I have switched from simple to advanced portfolio options in My Scorecard but have been unable to customize the cash balance on my account. my historical transactions are mostly in there for last 6-7 years but the cash generated in the
  • Date: 3/6/14 10:27 AM
  • Number: 485
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Thank you for the details...

One additional function that would be nice in Supernova is the ability to track personal portfolio returns vs Supernova over a period of time.

One of my biggest challenges is that neither Oddyssey or
  • Date: 2/12/14 8:51 PM
  • Number: 7168
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Great post Matt, I enjoy simple calculations for valuation scenarios (especially since I don't undertand detailed financial analysis).

This is a company where I believe optionality will come into play. I have learned this term from TMF and
  • Date: 1/4/14 10:45 PM
  • Number: 44
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In my opinion, the best thing you could do Saul, is to post your moves moving forward- current portfolio, allocation, and trades. You keep impeccable records; hopefully this would be easy. At least for 2014/15 to better understand your
  • Date: 12/22/13 9:57 PM
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Very generous of you John! Nice work!
  • Date: 12/11/13 6:51 PM
  • Number: 3968
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Hello, I would be interested in any conversations/deliberation you might be able to share with us as you made this decision.

Thanks in advance!
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Take me back to where I was.
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