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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/5/21 1:18 PM
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Hi FoolNutt:

Does there need to be a reason? Elmo's most recent half-year report was really good. Assets across the board around the world have been spooked after the US 7 year note auction was a bust. That's why interest rates are
  • Date: 3/3/21 6:07 PM
  • Number: 2160
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Hey Fools:

Didn't see these disclosures yesterday as I've been caring for my wife who is having a bit of a rough go after her second round of the Covid vaccine.

Here are the two pertinent docs:

  • Date: 2/27/21 5:02 PM
  • Number: 680
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If the market had been going up, the portfolio would already be populated.

Not sure whether this is meant sarcastically but I can assure you that we’re not particularly focused on what the market is doing in the short term. When
  • Date: 2/26/21 10:22 AM
  • Number: 655
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Trading KHOTF on Fidelity comes with a $50 passthrough charge.

But if you sign up for International Trading at Fidelity here: (Continued...)
  • Date: 2/24/21 3:46 AM
  • Number: 557
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Fuskie, Susan is at Interactive Brokers, where KHOTF is *not* available.

Told ya it wasn’t that simple. Every broker has its own quirks.

  • Date: 2/23/21 10:26 PM
  • Number: 543
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You don’t need the data to buy the shares on IBKR. We’ve never subscribed to it.

  • Date: 2/23/21 9:41 PM
  • Number: 537
  • Recommendations: 6
Hi 10X Fools.

With Kahoot we are recommending a pre-IPO stock that currently trades on a secondary exchange in Norway. How to trade it depends highly on what broker you use.

OK, read closely because this is

  • Date: 2/19/21 3:49 PM
  • Number: 2126
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We’re gonna need to work on your marketing, Jason.

“Whispir Goes One Louder.”

“Whispir to a Scream.”

Come on man. :-)
  • Date: 2/19/21 1:48 PM
  • Number: 1385
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Hey Ian:

I know they are utterly swamped and doing their best. Respond privately to this with your email address and I’ll see what I can do.
  • Date: 2/17/21 1:49 PM
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Kinnevik is really unlikely to comment on US tax law (I am making the bold presumption that you are subject to US taxes!!), but in general spin-offs are not taxable. We'll learn a lot in the next few weeks I'm sure.

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Take me back to where I was.
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