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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/27/22 3:26 PM
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Earnings call next week (Monday January 31st? Tuesday February 1st).
  • Date: 1/26/21 7:14 PM
  • Number: 259528
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Texas Monthly on profile Occidental CEO Vicki Hollub and her pursuit of the Anadarko deal. The article profiles Ms. Hollub's rise at Occidental and her pursuit of Anadarko. Ms. Hollub comes across as smart, hardworking and trustworthy - and
  • Date: 12/12/20 10:57 AM
  • Number: 258085
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I recommend the following Yahoo Finance article which talks about how songs are predictable income in a yield hungry world. Here's the money quote:
“If you're buying a portfolio of copyrights that have been cranking out predictable
  • Date: 5/14/20 12:59 AM
  • Number: 252670
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After a 34% drop in April, used car prices could plummet further if Hertz Global files for bankruptcy and floods the market with used cars.

If you go down the rabbit hole of links off the article you cite, you'll find that the
  • Date: 4/11/20 4:06 PM
  • Number: 250862
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Jim -

You said: I would have thought that somebody out there would be doing sample testing (PCR and serum if possible) of some broad population by now, to get an answer.

A broad nationwide survey of the United States was
  • Date: 4/11/20 3:53 PM
  • Number: 250861
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PhoolishPhilip -

I am struggling for the right words, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your burden. This is a challenging time for all of us - but your experience seems heavier and harder than most. I hope you can find the strength to
  • Date: 3/12/20 11:48 PM
  • Number: 248816
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A pre-print not yet peer-reviewed paper came out Tuesday March 10th on this topic.
Authors are NIH/Princeton/CDC/UCLA so while not yet peer-reviewed, it is definitely credible.

  • Date: 2/19/20 7:11 PM
  • Number: 10504
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Hi - Every day LILAK reports $17.53 ( -18.05%) or something very similar... (Note that Class A shares LILA seems to be working properly)
  • Date: 1/19/20 7:03 PM
  • Number: 4441
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I previously said:
> I purchased Microchip Technology (MCHP) in October [2018]

Late last year (October/December of calendar 2019), I sold a little less than ~50% of my MCHP (Microchip) position @ ~$100/share against a cost basis of
  • Date: 1/19/20 6:28 PM
  • Number: 163
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A little over 1.5 years ago on 2018 June 8th I said:
> Today, I bought shares in Dominion (NYSE:D) @ ~$63/share.

Last Fall (2019 September 18th), I sold my shares.
I sold @ ~$80/share for a ~27% gain + dividends during my
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Take me back to where I was.
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