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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/2/19 9:48 AM
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I'm looking at the recent best buys. I'm interested in Twilio. I click on the link. I read the brief write up.

I want to learn more, so I look to click the link that takes me to the Twilio discussion page. There isn't one! You
  • Date: 7/9/19 10:29 AM
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According to the disclaimers, Visa is recommended and owned by Motley Fool, just not as part of Stock Adviser.

long on my MVPS, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal & Square
  • Date: 7/8/19 4:04 PM
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  • Date: 5/11/19 3:50 PM
  • Number: 8646
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Uber's IPO was a massive disappointment, and I'm starting to think that's a buying opportunity.

Right now, their bread and butter is disrupting the taxi industry. Right now.

They are already expanding into food &
  • Date: 5/10/19 4:11 PM
  • Number: 38453
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Putting aside money for Dire Straits? That sounds like money for nothing.

long on my chicks for free
  • Date: 5/9/19 12:37 PM
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The best way to get into cannabis is to take your shoes off, light a candle and put on some Allman

long on the Whipping Post
  • Date: 5/7/19 11:04 AM
  • Number: 38436
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We tell ourselves we're just going to forget it ever happened. We storm off in a rage, screaming about the very thing we're forgetting.

The truth is, if it is significant enough to cause that much stress, you can't forget and
  • Date: 5/6/19 9:45 PM
  • Number: 8644
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Jebbo, Beyond and Impossible aren't going after vegans, vegetarians and veggie burger lovers. They are going after conscientious meat eaters bothered by the ethical and environmental concerns of the meat industry.

Their pitch isn't
  • Date: 4/27/19 10:26 PM
  • Number: 9402
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I spent a week on hiatus from Facebook, my only social media account. This is what I learned.

Social media did not create our desire for likes and upvotes and attention. It only gives us what we already want.

Social media did not
  • Date: 2/14/19 11:16 AM
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Bashing this initiative is a worthless endeavor and misses the point entirely.

Nobody ever said this plan was perfect. It doesn't have to be. In fact, no piece of legislation gets it right the first time. But it is starting a national
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Take me back to where I was.
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