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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/20/07 10:58 AM
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Are a god awful mess. Had these over the weekend. They're basically deep-fried cheese and low-grade beef (like a cheese stick or jalpeno popper). They roll them in Sesame seeds to make them look a little more "burger" like.

  • Date: 10/3/06 8:52 AM
  • Number: 220
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Just curious if you guys had perspective on any developments? It's been so long, that I've lost perspective on the hot (or perhaps I should say "warm", based on activity here) issues with USNA.

There was a downgrade last Friday,
  • Date: 10/2/06 1:15 AM
  • Number: 217
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No posts since february ... anyone still around and watching?
  • Date: 8/29/06 2:58 PM
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One of his websites is gone, and the other looks less than on the up and up.
  • Date: 8/18/06 10:24 AM
  • Number: 7193
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You're ignoring bias. You're only polling online readers, I would expect that online readers would favor the electronic version.
  • Date: 6/26/06 10:51 AM
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I don't think I'll be calling my broker to point out their mistake.

So instead you'll be explaining it to the IRS at your audit next year?
  • Date: 6/23/06 3:36 PM
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Now, the official name of the business may be "Walgreen" (at least Hoover's agrees with you), but as plastered on every store and corporate website it's "Walgreens".

  • Date: 5/25/06 11:02 AM
  • Number: 316
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Was there a 2:1 split on 5/24 ? Yahoo Finance told me there was but I can't find any news on it...
  • Date: 5/22/06 11:10 AM
  • Number: 8920
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Detente then. It looks like we don't disagree on the major points - Oracle is selling an "Integrated Stack" to attempt to produce vendor lockin. You think this is a positive tack, and I think it's going to run the ship into the ground for
  • Date: 5/20/06 11:16 PM
  • Number: 8918
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... cross-sell, up-sell opportunities ...

Please pardon the vitriol, but your post smacks of jingoistic salespeak. Do you work for Oracle by any chance? Or perhaps a VAR? The sales story and the technical reality are usually
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Take me back to where I was.
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