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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/23/22 1:48 PM
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The market was only in a bubble because........

So you agree it was in a bubble? Charts clearly show that many stocks were in a bubble

TDOC: (Continued...)
  • Date: 9/23/22 1:15 PM
  • Number: 664908
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What about the atheists? Will they be shunned?

Don't believe it! LOL

The Captain
an atheist who believes in gods, lots of them
  • Date: 9/23/22 5:34 AM
  • Number: 664860
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if I was in the US it would be most unwise to make any political comments in a public forum yo never know who may pay you a visit.

Do you know why lawyers can swim in the shark infested waters of
  • Date: 9/23/22 5:28 AM
  • Number: 664859
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In hindsight clearly the market was in a bubble. That's history. Where is the market now? I follow a list of companies mostly high growth and some ARK Invest innovation stocks. I don't recall so many stocks so far down from their all time
  • Date: 9/23/22 4:14 AM
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Everybody is against waste.

Not Waste Management (WM)

The Captain
  • Date: 9/23/22 4:00 AM
  • Number: 664855
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with hopes of a buying spree if and when the stock market dips even more,

How will you know that there won't be further "market dips even more" events?

BTW, 'hope' is not an investing strategy, it a
  • Date: 9/23/22 3:51 AM
  • Number: 664854
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It will be exciting to see the theology of the Fool universe.

So many possibilities...

The FoolBang Theory. Fools on the other side will debate forever if there ever was a before.

Just in case, regards from the
  • Date: 9/23/22 3:32 AM
  • Number: 664853
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I've seen lots of very long extension cords from homes to curbsides here in Vila Nova de Gaia where I live but none from high rises.

The Captain
  • Date: 9/22/22 12:04 PM
  • Number: 664787
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They are still sailboats! Solar makes a lot of sense, silent and worry free and now with Lithium ion batteries a lot lighter than in my time when all that was available was lead acid which also need more maintenance. Wind generators
  • Date: 9/22/22 6:40 AM
  • Number: 664745
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And then as the years pass, maybe in 5, or in 10, or in 15 years, there will also be reasonable solutions for apartment dwellers.

I know of one case in Portugal where the apartment dweller asked the condominium to install a charger
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Take me back to where I was.
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