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In about a hour I'll be boarding my flight Hong Kong to JFK. I am just finishing up a long layover in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Airport, though has some excellent lounges where I could take a shower, massage, some food and free internet for about $80 for 10 hours....not too bad.

It was better than sleeping on benches for 7 hours and stinking because of no shower.

I got a lot of stuff to post when I get home. I never did discuss the Big Buddha or Bangla Road, Phuket. I might post some pictures too.

You'll hear from me again in about 24 hours. I got the brutal part of the trip coming up. A 15 hour plane flight to New York....then I can look FWD to Immigration and Customs in New York which I inefficient. I love Singapore immigration and customs...It is just in and out in Singapore.

Then after that I got the transit to New Jersey....Ughhh....I got to travel around New York with New Yorkers....among the most unfriendliest people on earth. I'll get home jet-lagged and eager to catch the latest news on the elections. I am only getting a few results on CNN in the lounge now. OK....gotta make that plane.

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hi Starrob,

if you travel in and out of the US frequently I would highly recommend the Trusted Traveler program from the TSA. it saves a little effort. I think you need to be a US citizen and need to take an interview with the TSA. not hard at all.

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