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I have 3 CAPS portfolios. One is my main account (CAPS1), 
another is one I opened up way back when, forgot about, and didnt' touch (CAPS2), 
another is an account I opened when I recommended some stocks to my sister-in-law and told her to hold me accountable (CAPS3). 
Here's a summary of their performance:

       Open          Closed         Date of        Accuracy   Score
       Positions     Positions      1st position 

CAPS1:   63          200             7/8/11         43.48%     75.53 

CAPS2:   23            7             7/8/09         56.67%     92.60

CAPS3:   23            1             1/23/13        62.50%     85.82

Lesson to be learned: Invest in a great business at a decent price and then sit on your butt. Thanks CAPS for making it an inexpensive lesson that didn't involve real money.
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No. of Recommendations: 3
More often than not, I think this is the lesson to be learned, and that will be learned, by anybody who bothers to keep score. Like you, CashRulez -- and using a platform that does this, like CAPS.

Good job finding the light, and thanks for sharing it 'round!


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