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Let me ask you this - how many conservative people have you spoken to IRL that have told you that they believe that SNAP should be completely eliminate even if that would result in people starving to death?

All of them, in fact. That's at least 7. Eight if you count the guy I overheard at the grocery store a couple of months ago.

Not long ago there was a well-publicized incident in which a congressman was holding a town hall meeting. He asked what we should do with people who have cancer (or something) but no health insurance. In one loud voice, the "congregation" responded: "LET THEM DIE!!!!"

Those weren't politicians, Al. Those were people IRL. Those were people whom the Koch brothers and their servants had convinced that the poor are leeches, unwilling to work, that only people who can afford health care deserve it, that corporations deserve to pay no taxes so that we can eliminate benefits to the "greedy poor" who are living high off the hog on taxpayer dollars.

You are simply wrong about the deep-seated feelings of animosity which have been generated for decades by those who will benefit from such widespread loathing and anger in voters themselves too ignorant, lazy or actually greedy to understand what they've unleashed. We now have a congress too dependent upon the emotions of fear, loathing and greed to provide for the common welfare.

You and I know it's a lie that the right only wishes to make "moderate" cuts to public services. Their dream is to dismantle public education (privatize it), dismantle Medicare (privatize it), dismantle Social Security (send 'em off to Wall Street to try their luck gambling there), to indemnify corporations and financiers against any potential losses with those taxpayer dollars they can steal from public services. The lie is the pretense that they believe this will benefit the "economy" or make people's lives better. They know full well it won't, but they can't both say that and achieve it, so they work hand-in-glove with the religious fanatics and racists and economically disadvantaged and ignorant whites in incremental steps to return this nation to a time when poor people really did die in the streets.

And I consider it rather disingenuous of you to pretend not to know this. It saddens me to recognize that people I actually know long for a society in which they believe they will benefit by the increased suffering of others, and that people I actually know defend the act of pretending that what they want is otherwise.

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