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At the risk of terminating the great political discussion, I bring you some NON GOLD ideas:

And the one I bought yesterday

There's probably more, but these were already on my list from some time ago. I don't know if ANY of them are a buy now since they are either overbought or still pulling back, but worth keeping on a screen.

BTW, Thinkerdoer makes a very nice optimistic case as to the Iraqi thing. I'm just a grouchy ol bear and don't think anything that comes from this administration will amount to any LONG TERM good. I guess we'll all see soon enough. Meanwhile, let's all join the victory dance and support our troops.

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yes WW


Lkking KOPN chart too

WEDC a lot
and KGC? that a W there?...thanks...back on
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and what the heck went on with RBAK and TXCC today...volume?...up is down......look u all...I was never one to try and win popularity contests...rat never gets a Post of the Day...I could care less...I will say what I say...and do what I do..and let the chips fall where they may...I've lost many subs cause they don;t like what I say....I am too old...seen too much...owe too sit and keep my cakehole shut and pander to the it or not....cause in the end..sooner or later..everyone sticks it to everyone else anyways....nothing lasts forever on this earth...not even a hard to kill rat....and as long as I have the strength..I will tell it like I see it...wrong or right.....put yur faith in the Lord...and trust 1/2 of what u see...and u will be fine..cause everything we are fed is a says so in the Book..and the Book no lies to us.u all have a peaceful weekend.....take it while we can get it...........cyz.,,,tr

and in the end....the rats, not the meek....will inherit the earth...cause the rest of us will be with the Lord..awaiting the Kingdom..Easter be coming....the Lamb of God....foretold in the first Passover....I reckon he will forgive my that's His job.
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You tell em Ratman. You is was you is and that's fine by me. Trading little these days but lurk occassionally and you still da man.
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