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It's nice to see at least one speak out on the disasterous Bush administration. From,--the premier anti-state/pro-market site on the net

An Economist Against Bush and Kerry
by Mark Thornton

In August of 2000 I warned that voting for Bush was a very big mistake.

Tell it, brother.

Bush turned out to be worse than my wildest dreams. Today I will present some alternatives for 2004.

None of us could have imagined.

With Bush being a full-blown disaster in terms of the economy, foreign policy, and social policy, my fellow economists should be dragging their tails between their legs in shame.

How do you shame an economist?

Without 9/11, Greenspan might have allowed for the normal recession and correction of all the investment excesses of the late 1990s and today we would be in a real, not phony, recovery.

Amen. The same phony recovery that the overpriced bible of free markets and free trade, The Economist wrote about February 24, 2004 edition. Phonier than a three dollar bill because of:

1. Ridiculous and unsustainable deficit spending stimulus that would have made Keynes and any New Dealer proud.

2. Greenspan's bizarre "free money" policy post 9/11 that is stoking the fires of inflation, the real government theft.

3. Phony employment numbers and even more phony GDP numbers and nothing but blather about the great "productivity" from GreenBush. What a joke.

And amidst all this what are the libertarians worried about? Well, when they aren't hung up on their minimum wage fetish, they are yada-ing on again about socialized healthcare. None of them seem to have spit to say about the 540 billion dollar Bush boondoggle that has already started to inflate dug prices as Mr. Thornton said they would. No, they aren't real libertarians but instead just knee-jerk defenders of the current socialist President.

No, the libertarians are content to remain utterly irrelevant with their grand theorizing about the evils of someone else's socialized medicine or socialized medicine in principle. The shame of the libertarians. So what is happening in the land of socialized medicine, Canada?

Since August 2003, full-time employment has grown by 315,000 (+2.5%) while part-time employment has declined by 24,000 (-0.8%). Weakness in part-time employment was concentrated in the first quarter of this year.

With a tenth of the population of the US that would equal about 3.2 million jobs, compared to Bush's 1.5 million, with a big assist from Greenspan, that isn't sustainable. Canadians, meanwhile, with their Liberal government are enjoying balanced budgets and trade surpluses etc. Ontario advertises universal, government healthcare as a competitive advantage, in the US, for obvious reasons. If the corporations don't have to worry about it so much it's a load off their back.

But the libertarians yada on, decades behind. So far behind they think they are in front.

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