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We were expecting a premium-due notice this month for my husband's life insurance...and instead he received a declined notice yesterday.

Back on 1-6-2020, he received a policy endorsement for changes in policy face amount from 100G to 25G. On 1-31-2020, someone came to the house & drew his blood, collected a urine specimen & he was asked several questions(I was not present during this home appt). There was no further communication from the Life Insurance Company, so we never gave the matter a second thought. Thus, needless to say, we were not prepared for yesterday's arrival of the declined notice as follows:
"Based on your medical history of heart disease, along with the new conditions of diabetes, tremors and sleep apnea, we regret to inform you that the request for rate reduction has been declined. We offer you access to recorded personal information in your file. Personal Information means information regarding an individual's character, habits, finances, occupation, credit, hobbies or other personal information. You also have the right to ask us in writing to correct or delete any recorded personal information that you believe to be incorrect."

My husband is going to contact the damned life insurance company on Monday with questions + wanting access to this 'recorded personal information' and the medical lab test results.

**My Question #1: where did this life insurance company obtain personal information of his character, habits & hobbies? My husband is not active on social media to have revealed character, habits or hobbies. These details do not sound like a medical record source. I understand a credit record to have provided financial & occupational information.

**Total unrelated Question #2: What is a Contestable Period of a new policy?

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**My Question #1: where did this life insurance company obtain personal information of his character, habits & hobbies?


The insurance industry maintains a surveillance apparatus that rivals the CIA.

MIB Group, Inc. or MIB (formerly the Medical Information Bureau)

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Okay, so to begin with, I am sorry that this occurred. The insurance companies have gone through a lot of changes with Covid19 being so ever present. That being said, insurance companies have access to a "database" named the MIB (Medical Information Database, not Men In Black), in which they are able to see that he is on certain medications that he may not have been on in the past as well as other basic information that all medical establishments may provide without violating HIPAA. They are not privy to hobbies as well as habits, unless he has specifically mentioned anything either to the insurance company or to the paramed (person who did the exam).

Yes, the insurance carrier is allowed to a background check as well as credit check on covered persons. But even there, they have limitations. Such as, while they provide the client with a 10 day free look period, to make sure that the insurance is what the client wants. The carrier has a 2 year free look period into it's client. When the client opts to make any changes to said plan, the 2 year window starts back from zero.

Being that they declined you husband decreasing his life insurance from 100k to 25k, the carrier is mandated to provide their proof in writing to your husband. But, have they also ended his 100k in coverage or is that still in effect?

I am an independent insurance broker, if you would like to ask any further questions, I am more than happy to assist. My email is benefits at hfkane dot com.
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