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I need some help from the board here on purchasing lift tickets. I normally buy them with a package but we got a great deal on a condo this year in Breck and I want to get the best prices I can on lift tickets. We will be arriving on Feb. 21st and leaving on the 28th. We will ski Breck some, Keystone at night for sure, and maybe a day or two at Vail and Beaver Creek. We have enough time so we might go to Copper as well but no biggie buying a ticket for there as it will only be for one day. MirKatze has always been a big help with advice so I am hoping she will advise yet again.

A multiday ticket is what I am looking for but I just don't know the best place to get it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Halon,

There was a time when the Front Range food store chains had pretty good prices on single day ski tickets. Now, I haven't been downhill skiing since my youngest left for college - about five years - so I'm out of touch with some deals. In the pre-season, several season pass cards appeared to be good deals. Ski 'till it hurts for $250 to $350, depending - no black outs. But that's over for this year. May be worth planning for next year.

In todays paper, King Soopers listed single day adult tickets @ Keystone for $57, Copper $49, Winter Park $45 and Loveland $39.
Inaddition: 'Save Big' (?!) @ A Basin and Breck.

All this looks pricy to me, but I'm cheap. You can use this as comparison for any other deals out there.

Good luck

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