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This company makes a product that is used instead of filters for fiber optic cable. It's a silicate glass with lead oxide that changes the refractive index of the glass gradually, similar to a prism, to separate the wavelengths. It's better than filters because it's much smaller, has a simple shape, less costly to manufacture, and has lower light loses than any of it's competing products. (Such as, filters and bragg separaters.)
LPTHA has some product out, but hasn't started mass marketing yet. LPTHA formed a privately held company called LightChip, which AT&T put some money into, and own 25% of it.
Have any of you heard about this company, and what do you think?

P.S. Also a very informed board at The Fool
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So sorry, I posted this on the wrong board.
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Thank you for a new source of education ""

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